Patrick Bailey

Accounting Author

My name is Patrick Bailey, owner of Bailey's Tax Services a Tax planning and Income Tax Preparation company. The firm also offers accounting, book-keeping and business set up services for new and established small businesses.
Our Mission is to educate and increase the awareness of our clients in as many aspects of tax savings,planning and preparation as possible. We strive to empower our clients with the knowledge that wil enable them to make the decisions which are best for them.
Over the years what has given me the most satisfaction is being able to educate and increase the awareness of how much we are affected by  taxes. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have shared and helped people, from various walks of life, gain a better understanding of their taxes and save on their taxes,
For more than 20 years,my commitment to my clients is to serve them with INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND COURTESY.
My clientele includes individuals, small business owners, incorporated individuals, entrepreneurs,. I am  available for one-on-one information sessions with individuals or small groups.



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