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SMEs and entrepreneurs in Africa

Is there a difference between countries in Africa and if so why?

SMEs SMEs struggling in South Africa. Why?

Are there economic reasons for the problems of SMEs in South Africa?

SMEs - SMEs and labour rigidity

The impact of labour rigidity on SMEs.

SMEs - types of opportunities

Are all opportunities the same?

SMEs - different types of entrepreneurs

Different types of entrepreneur have different needs

SMEs - SME finance and capital formation

Where should developing countries focus their attentions in respect of SME finance?

SMEs - regulation in Africa

Is regulation a problem in Africa?

SMEs - should despots and dictators be given a free pass

Jacob Zuma has suggested if African despots and dicttors are given a free pass on war crimes and crimes against humanity they might leave the stage.

SMEs in Africa - is capitalism really dead?

A number of people have said capitalism has failed. Has it really?

SMEs - the impact of corruption has deep roots

What are some of the unforeseen consequences of corruption

SMEs in Africa - do interventions help SMEs

A brief look at a few African interventions and their impact

SMEs - a big opportunity in Africa

All my travels in Africa have revealed a massive opportunity ideally suited to the SME

SMEs - are youths cut out for entrepreneurship

South Africa is pushing youth entrepreneurship hard - is this a good idea?

SME's - left wing politics in the new South African government

What are the likely effects of a more-socialist government in South Africa, on SMEs

SMEs - entrepreneurship in a true democracy

A look at the impact of a true democratic environment on entrepreneruship

SMEs - the African opportunity that is been squandered

An overview of how Africa is squandering its two greatest assets.

SMEs - my PhD topic and African context

A brief overview of my PhD topic and its relevance to this blog.

SMEs - surviving the recession in Africa

How can SMEs survive the recession in the African context

SMEs - entrepreneurs decoded

An overview of the different types of entrepreneur found in South Africa

SMEs - African confusion with entrepreneurship

Africa, but not necessarily only Africa, has blurred the lines between SME and entrepreneurship. Let us investigate the consequences thereof.

SMEs - are African governments doing it right

An overview of government interventions in Africa and other developing countries intended to assist SMEs

SMEs oil price globalisation and SMEs in Africa Part II

Possible impact of increasing oil prices on globalisation and SMEs in Africa!

SMEs oil prices globalisation and SMEs

An overview of the possible effect of oil prices on globalisation and SMEs

SMEs - opportunities in Africa

An overview of opportunities in Africa for SMEs

SMEs - why governments contribute to SME failure in Africa

What are African governments doing that exacerbates the SME failure problem?

SME's - in Africa the skills challenge grows

The impact of the skills drain on SME's in Africa

SME's - can entrepreneurialism survive in Africa

An overview to see whether entrepreneurialism can survive in Africa

SME's - The need for more thought by African governments on the informal sector

The importance of a proper informal sector policy.

SMEs the impact of government interventions

An overview of the impact of government interventions on SME's.`

SMEs The impact of the current power crisis in South Africa

The impact of the current power crisis in South Africa on SME's is high. Where to from here?

SME's - Trends to watch for new business opportunities over the next decade or two

A review of predicted trends for the next decade - what business opportunities exist among them?

SME's - a wish list for Africa

A quick look at what I would like to see happen in Africa in 2008

SME's - why communication is good for innovation

A look at the link between communication and innovation

SME's - the importance of communications for SME's in Africa

A look at why communications are important for African SME's

SME's - do you want business from government?

Do SME's want business from government?

SME's - why business from government is a challenge

Why African governments battle to give SME's business

SME's - the impact of government mindset on entrepreneurship

Does government mindset impact on SME's?

SME's - WIll China be the next colonial power in Africa

What is China's role in Africa?

SME's - why is franchising not more popular in Africa

Why are franchises so seldom seen in Africa?

SME's - why tendering is bad for business

SME's - why tendering is bad for big business and SME's

SME's - government purchasing opportunities

What are the options for government purchasing?

SMEs - supply chain and ethics

Understanding ethics and supply chain

SME's - Is tendering harmful to SME's?

Does tendering hurt more SME's than it helps?

SME's - an African challenge

Trying to understand the clash between tribal systems and entrepreneurialism

SME's - The attractiveness of Africa

Is Africa, or will Africa, be attractive to SME's?

SME's - the future is bright

Where do the fortunes lie for SME's in the future?

SME's - regulatory compliance - is it an issue

Is regulatory compliance a real issue in Africa?

SMEs - Does colonialism impact on entrepreneurialism

Can Africa blame colonialism for it's lack of entrepreneurial success

SME's - collectivism yes or no

Collectivism - Africa vs Far East

SME'S - is government spending good for them

A look at the use of government spending to create SME'S

SMEs - government strategies

An overview of government strategies for SMMEs

SME's - Africa versus the Far East

Do the Far Eastern countries have an advantage over African countries?

SME's - protectionism does it help?

Does protectionism help entrepreneurs?

SMEs - a challenge for African countries

Why SME's are a challenge for African countries

SME's - are some Africans more entrepreneurial than others

Are Nigerians more entrepreneurial than Zulus? What about other groups?

SME's - the impact of regulation

What happens when we overregulate?

SME's - regulation in Africa

Why so much regulation in Africa?

SME's - does protectionism help

Is protectionism necessary in the African context fro SME's

SME's - a link between funding and a compliance model

Exploring the link between a compliance model and funding for SME's

SMEs - a changing trend in SME failure

Are fewer SME's failing

SME's - whose responsibility is finance for SMEs?

Is it the role of government to fund SME's?

SME's - why compliance models work in Africa

Compliance models offer Africa the best hope for creating SME's

SME's - a solution for Africa

Building sustainable SME's in Africa is tough. It can be done like this.

SMEs - Are African SMEs serious about business

Overseas businesses often question me as to the ability of South African SME's to deliver

SMEs working in the dark

Poor statistical information leaves SME's with no direction.

SMEs The African error

Do SME's create jobs?

SMEs internal reasons for business failure

What causes most SME's to fail as businesses?

SME's - major external reason for failure

My auditors claim that South Africa has one of the worst payment cultures in the world

SME's - still a strong component in the South African economy

Despite the educational crisis in South Africa, entrepreneurship is thriving, albeit not the way it could be!

SMEs - SMEs and South African banks

South African banks are permanently between a rock and a hard place in the context of SME's.

SMEs the difference between entrepreneurs and franchisees

There is a vast difference between a franchisee and an entrepreneur. what is the impact thereof?

SME's - interventions in developing countries

In my literature review, a pattern developed for developing countries separate to developed countries.

SMEs - entrepreneurs sourcing start up finance

How do entrepreneurs source start up finance?

SMEs - South African SMEs and development capital

Certain entrepreneurs battle to get finance in South Africa

SME's - entrepreneurs with no skills

South African universities have come under fire from the Minister of Education for producing too many arts graduates. What is the true cause of the problem?

SMEs - their future in the world economy

The next decade or two will become known as a period of economic decentralization. This refers to the breakdown of the large corporate organisation for a number of reasons, in such a way as to lead to economic decentralisation. Why should this occur?

SMEs - the problem with development capital in South Africa

Development capital is available in South Africa. The problem is getting access to it.

SMEs - a South African perspective on SME start up and growth

How does the South African government plan its interventions to increase the start up and growth rate of SME's

SMEs - survivalist start ups in South Africa present a unique problem

Problems associated with survivalist start ups in South Africa.

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