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Business Profile: dorothyduncan

dorothyduncan like other companies started from an idea. Both co-founders (Mandy Duncan and Dorothy Ghettuba) wanted to work together and a year ago they decided to do so. The company has been in full operation for 5 months. The company has grown from simply being an idea into a fully-fledged Internet company. We initially wanted to be a casual apparel company but opted to becoming an online boutique that carries a collection of chic, eclectic, and culturally inspired pieces from independent fashion designers around the world. Our mission is to serve the woman whose style is distinctive, daring, and inspired by offering edgy, dressy fashion pieces that add flair and personality to her great wardrobe of basics.

Biggest obstacles to overcome -

Capital. Money is the underlying challenge facing most startups. We are no exception, we had to be and continue to be resourceful and make do. We are also an e-commerce start up, one of many out there and we must always stand out!

Advice to other African startups -

Meet a need. Look around and see what need is not being met and start a business that meets that need. If the need is being met, ask yourself how you can do it better then proceed to do so. Attend workshops and seminars that are geared to small business. We got plenty of valuable and useful advice from BizLaunch who hold workshops and seminars across Canada. Network diligently and surround yourself with positive people – very important. Excellent customer service should be your religion and mantra. Lastly, don’t be afraid of change, don’t be rigid, go where your business leads you.

What North America can do -

Some years ago, President Bill Clinton signed into law the African Growth and Opportunity Act. The intention of it I believe was to stimulate growth in African Economies by encouraging business-friendly regulatory environments and decreasing trade barriers. It would be great however to ensure that they are not only signed into law, but actually implemented. In addition, forming organizations that offer the kind of assistance that ultimately improve the success rates of African businesses be it technical assistance, mentorship connections or networking opportunities.

What's next -

Big things! Marketing the company and getting the word out there. That we are here and we are selling the most beautiful things. Our intention is to become a Fortune 500 company. And we are going to be.

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Business Profile: dorothyduncan
By dorothyduncan

About the Author: dorothyduncan

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dorothyduncan is Dorothy Ghettuba and Mandy Duncan. Dorothy and Mandy are the co-founders of dorothyduncan. For two friends who had always wanted to work together, this turned out to be the perfect ad-venture for allowing them to combine their love for fashion and their entrepreneurial skills. Our mission is to sell a dare to live attitude and lifestyle. At the heart of dorothyduncan is the idealistic appeal of being true to oneself and living the best life possible. Our products are designed for women of all ages, who already feel great on the inside and want to look just as amazing on the outside. dorothyduncan aims to serve women who identify themselves as distinctive, daring, and inspired. We offer edgy, dressy fashion pieces that add flair and personality to an already existing wardrobe of basics. We carry unique and exclusive pieces by independent fashion designers from various parts of the world. dorothyduncan adds spice to your wardrobe by offering a collection of chic, eclectic and culturally inspired pieces. At dorothyduncan, we believe in living life by one’s own rules. Our intent is to share this philosophy and infectious dare-to live attitude with you – our customers. Dorothy is from Kenya. Mandy is from Guyana.
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Business Profile dorothyduncan

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