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Uganda Success Stories

Josephine Namala, a UWTF client, owns a small retail shop in the remote village of Lukonda in the Kayunga district. Before she began operating her Village Phone business, people in her community had to walk over three miles to make a phone call. In the evenings, large groups of people gather in front of her store with FM radios to listen to call-in radio shows. They use her Village Phone to call the radio stations and make their opinions heard nationally.

Sophia Nalujja has been a successful borrower from UWFT for many years and is currently on her fifth loan cycle. Married with seven children, she runs a small eating establishment in the village of Kiwangula in the Kayunga district and also sells fish. Before joining UWFT, she worked as a farmer earning approximately $27 per month. Through all of her business ventures, she now earns more than $38 weekly. To market her Village Phone business, she has posted signs in nearby villages and has visited local schools to inform them of the services she offers.

Justine Zikusoka operates a small retail shop in the village of Kigando in Kiboga district. She is currently in her 5th loan cycle and earns over 65% more than she earned before joining FINCA. She has used her loans to pay school fees for her children, feed her family and increase the working capital in her business. Since starting her Village Phone business in June, she has sold an average of over 30 minutes per day on her phone. Justine’s success with her Village Phone business has come from actively marketing her services in churches, schools, and through other FINCA clients.

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Uganda Success Stories

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