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What's Next for My Company

Although this project has been a long time (3years+) in development, as a trading business we are still in our infancy. However we see great opportunity to grow in 2008.

In late 2007 we achieved a worldwide sales License for our Simpsons statues. -Great news for Craft Village and all our Kenyan Partners. Going forward we are seeking routes to market in many new sales territories USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Mainland Europe, etc.

In 2008 we hope to expand our Simpsons range plus begin dialogue on developing a limited edition range for the high-end collectors market.

Research is already underway regarding the possibility of adding new animation ‘brands’ to our product range ‘Wallace & Grommit’ ‘Futurama’, etc.

In Tabaka, Kenya we plan to increase current output levels, momentum and financial impact and work on a manageable plan with our Kenyan Partners to increase production (in advance of anticipated increases in demand in new territories) without losing control or compromising the quality of our statues.

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What's Next for My Company
By Craft Village

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Craft Village is a small business based in England. With the artisans of Kisii Tabaka, Western Kenya, we have been developing our unique sculptures and nurturing this project since 2004. Recognizing the skill and talent of the Kisii carvers, Craft Village identified the need for a new outlook in terms of design. A progression from the traditional soapstone statues saturating the market. Training rural Kenyan craftsmen to sculpt caricatures of cartoon characters, and introducing new production techniques and quality control methods, Craft Village have secured approval from 20th Century Fox and achieved an exclusive license to produce and sell our Simpsons sculptures. We are proud to be in a position to supply Simpsons fans with new, high quality, unique, animation art, whilst simultaneously having a positive economic impact in rural Kenya.
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