Karen Rands

Angel Investors Author

Karen Rands, is a sought after expert in the art of raising capital and furthering the pursuit of investors and entrepreneurs coming together to bring innovation to market, create jobs and create wealth. Karen's companies, Launch Funding Network and the Network of Business Angel Investors, under the Kugarand Holdings corporate umbrella, provide strategic advice and counsel and unique environments for both entrepreneurs and investors. Investors can get free excerpts of her Learn To Be An Angel Investor ebook series at http://HowToBeAnAngelInvestor.com and Entrepreneurs can get free tips, ezine and other info about connecting with investors at http://GetInvestorMoney.com Follow her on Twitter at http://twitter.com/karen_rands She is considered a Compassionate Capitalist and Economic Architect. She considers angel investors who provide the needed capital to entrepreneurs so they may bring innovation to the market, create jobs and create wealth as the cornerstone for economic growth in any community. She left the corporate world in 2001 and has been working to educate both entrepreneurs and investors and to provide a platform for them to connect more efficiently. Karen graduated with her bachelor degree in Economics from Emory University and her MBA from the University of Florida, and remains committed to a life of learning and giving.



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