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Rank higher in Google for keyword searches

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Rank higher in Google for keyword searches

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Rank higher in Google for keyword searches

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Rank higher in Google for keyword searches

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Q: What kind of business articles are you looking for?

A: In terms of the content, we're essentially looking for articles that will benefit entrepreneurs. Please note that articles are not meant to be too self-promotional. Authors will, of course, have a bio with a link back to their website, an overview of your company, as well as an optional photo which appears automatically next to each article.

Q: How long should an article be?

A: Ideal articles are 300-500 words in length. If the article is shorter than 300 words it will have a difficult time being picked up in Google’s search engine. If the article is too long then it risks covering too many topics and losing focus on a topic so the article won’t rank well in Google either. There is no maximum number of words but we recommend that if the article is over 1,000 words to cut it down into two shorter articles. You’ll rank more easily and will drive more traffic this way.

Q: How do users find my articles?

A: People typically find author articles through Google searches. Some visitors do come through our home page and the articles are visible through the Article Directory (listed on the left side under the videos). Visitors can also use the search box which is shown at the top of every page, including the home page. However, 90% of our traffic comes through the search engines and visitors will end up directly on your article page from a Google search. Most visitors never even hit our home page.

Q: How do I maximize the traffic to my articles?

A: Because our traffic is search engine driven the best strategy is to use popular and descriptive keywords in your article title and full text. For example: if you have an article to help retail entrepreneurs avoid common sales objections such as "I'm just looking" don't call the article "I'm Just Looking" because it's not descriptive and it doesn't contain important keywords. In short, it won't drive a lot of traffic even if the content is fantastic. Instead use a title such as "Retail Sales Strategies - Overcoming Common Customer Objections." Also make sure to use the keywords later on in your actual article. Using descriptive keywords will help you rank prominently in Google as well as send targeted traffic to your articles and then on to your website. To generate a list of popular targeted keywords you can use Google's free keyword tool.

Q: Are there any obligations to contribute articles?

A: You can upload as few as one article and there is no obligation to submit more on a regular basis. Most of our authors submit a few articles, wait to see that they are receiving value and then continue uploading more. Our top authors have almost 400 articles posted on our site!

Q: Where will my articles appear?

A: Once approved by our editor, your articles will be listed under your respective author category which is linked from the home page.

Q: Can I just create links on EvanCarmichael.com to the articles on my own site?

A: No, author articles need to be uploaded onto EvanCarmichael.com.