Finishing Touches-Dress for Success

Personal packaging and the art of creating a memorable first impression is greatly enhanced with accessories. You can use accessories to express your individuality and complete your "look." Accessories are the finishing touch and thought and care must be put into selecting the items to compliment your ensemble, your personality and the occasion. Accessories complete the look and make a statement. There are five important considerations when selecting accessories.

Color: would you like to coordinate, contrast or accent your outfit?
Balance: keep your body proportions in mind, the accessories must balance the look
Style: accessories should have the same mood or feeling as the outfit
Texture: smooth fabrics work well with shiny metals, matt fabrics with dull/matt metals
Compatibility: different accessories to complement career, casual and eveningwear looks

Scarves on the shoulder draw attention away from the hips
Pins worn wide on the lapel appear to widen the shoulders and narrow the hips
Handbags do not have to match the shoes but should be complimentary
Hosiery-never darker than your shoes

Buy fewer items of higher quality. The only time it ever hurts to buy good quality is the time you write the check! You are worth it.

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