Success Tips for More Effective Communication

When people communicate openly and express feelings and emotions
they form a bond of trust. Positive emotional feedback between people balances,
regulates and influences their vital body rhythms and keeps them healthier.

Emotional connection with someone is achieved through non-verbal signals
such as eye contact, the positive nodding of the head, a smile and through
a style of conversation that includes some self-disclosure.

As you both reveal more, trust builds when you discover things that are similar
to both of you. Trust breaks down when you discover crucial aspects that cause
you and or the other person a values conflict.

An example of a values conflict/break in trust would be if you are dating someone
and find out that they are a smoker and you are not. If smoking bothers you, this
will be a values conflict that moves you away from that person emotionally.

Send the wrong signals through your body language or use the wrong words when
interacting with someone and you will break the fragile bonds of communication.

Pointing at someone may indicate that they have done something wrong or did
not meet your approval. On the other hand, an open handed gesture, with the
palm facing up indicates acceptance and approval.

Pay close attention to the words someone uses. Do they use picture words,
words of sound or feeling words? The language of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
provides great insight in to someone.

When you learn to match and mirror someone's body language, the person believes
that you are like them. When you use similar words in the same modality, you will
establish a stronger rapport with them.

Example: a visual person uses words like see, picture and visual. An auditory
(hearing) person uses words like sounds good, rings true to me, and clear as a bell.
A kinesthetic (feeling) person uses words like soft, touch, feels and feeling.

When you understand the NLP techniques for rapport building, trust builds rapidly
between people.

Combine NLP Rapport Building Skills with the People Mastery Profiling and you
will become a masterful communicator.

BENEFITS: You will build a better relationship with family members, be more popular
and become a more trusted friend and employee. You will be able to influence people
easily and showcase your leadership skills. People of influence experience more happiness,
are more confident and benefit from greater job security.

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