The Case for Creative Niche Markets

You've all heard all the successful coaches and marketing gurus advocate niche marketing your coaching business. It will be more fun if you get creative -- pair a compelling life challenge with a business market. For example: I help restaurant owners keep their profits and treat their families as well as their customers.

Or, even better, select a job title you've held before and go after that group. Have you been an executive assistant for 8 years? Then you understand that group so well and can support them from the other side of the table.

Why do I recommend you market to one distinctive group?

Because when you focus your promotional energy on addressing their distinctive challenges, the results speak for themselves:

- You have little or no competition.

- You can market much less.

- And yet you fill your coaching practice so much faster.

- Which builds your confidence and expertise quickly.

- So you can charge higher fees.

- Articles and ezines practically write themselves because you know your market's language.

- You can re-purpose that writing to products and programs that sell well because you know your market wants them.

- You get a lot more pre-qualified referrals.

= All of which means you have a significantly higher income, with time left for other things in life!

If your niche market isn't working because it's too broad, or your message is too general, or the group is hard to find, or they won't afford coaching -- get out of the box with your thinking. Open your mind to a distinctive niche market that might be staring you right in the face.

That's how other coaches have locked onto these unique niche markets:

- Salon Owners

- Cranio-Sacral Therapists

- Hispanic Executives

- Direct Sales Leaders

- Real Estate Brokers

- Spouses of Ambassadors

- TV Producers

- Waldorf Moms (moms of kids in Waldorf education)

- Claims Managers

- Marketing Directors

- Restaurant Owners

Notice how each of these markets:

1. Is an accessible group -- you can find them easily.

2. Has distinctive challenges.

3. Probably has disposable income to invest in a coach.

The coaches who work with these folks do not necessarily have expertise in their market's field. But they have taken the time to understand what makes these people tick and what keeps them up at night. They are primarily coaching these clients on life issues not business issues. But their marketing messages speak directly to the specific challenges that each group faces, which will be a strong attraction factor for the clients to hire them.

If you haven't already, you will find your niche market! I have no doubt. Just open your mind and, at the same time, look for a small and unique group. You'll be happy you did.



Rhonda Hess is Founder of Prosperous Coach™, a membership community with tiered levels of service starting at $24.95 per month, that walks professional coaches step by step to coaching business success from startup to prosperity. For ten years Rhonda has helped entrepreneurial coaches to success. As senior trainer for Coach Training Alliance, Rhonda co-authored the Coach Training Accelerator, a best selling self study program and the curriculum for the Certified Coach Program. Her ebook,

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