Clear Vision

Clear Vision! How clear is your vision? Most children are told that they need to acquire some idea of what they want to do when they grow up. I have found both through research and my own personal experiences that vague ideas aren’t nearly enough. Vague ideas develop vague results. I have come to believe that I must be constantly clarifying my ideas as time escapes. It has taken me over fifty years to clarify my goals enough to begin receiving clear results. By believing I should be getting better results based on my old belief was, as Albert Einstein so eloquently stated, insanity. I don’t believe we can make mistakes. It has, although, taken a very long time to find my calling as I have learned most of what I know the old fashion way, through experience driven knowledge. I do believe my current passion has always been my calling. Through personal inventories I can see that whenever I was helping others I was at my best. We must never lose faith that our greatest adventures are always ahead of us and our past is merely preparation. The good news is that even the faintest of prayers are answered and every thought is a prayer. It is this truth that supports my premise that the more defining my thought the more defining my results. The strength of my character is in knowing where the ultimate answers to life lie and living in the awareness of my crowning possibility. I have utilized professional assistance through people and resources to help in my clarification. I must although only utilize these resources to prove or disprove my inner personal dreams and not to find my dreams outside myself. I have found that the dreams I find within myself always are infused with opportunity, possibility and the skill necessary to accomplish them. Too many people find their dreams through the opinions of others and follow then to their demise. Thinking your way to a better life... Clear Vision starts as clear thought. We find our dreams within ourselves and believe in ourselves, standing firm on our dreams till they develop. This process has no set time period so we must surround ourselves with people who will support us in being our best. There lies within us all a blueprint of our best and until we achieve it we will know a driving awareness that we are on the wrong path. Happy people are those people who have found their dreams. They are the people who would work for nothing due to the satisfaction that comes from living within your dream. Remember... Your Life is PERFECT, PAY ATTENTION!!! Love, Randy Ek AKA, RocketMan4Life


What do leadership, teamwork, balance, management, productivity, retention, motivation, communication, ethics, values, reliability, accountability and responsibility have in common? To be successful at any of these requires a positive, organized thought process and logical yet simple execution strategy. Helping people and companies achieve these processes is the foundation of Biz Wiz 3D’s successful individual and business strategies.

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