20 Things To Do To Stay Motivated In This Negative Time

1. Surround yourself with highly motivated people.

2. Continue to “Sharpen the Saw” by attending seminars and workshops.

3. Networking with smart and motivated people.

4. Focus on executing an “every guest, every table, every day” mentality.

5. Love your work and the people you do it with.

6. 86′ing negative influences and people.

7. Work with your people - where they work.

8. Build better relationships.

9. Always have a plan.

10. Celebrate successes.

11. Hire a Coach to help you build your personal and professional success for the long term.

12. Embrace change.

13. Get involved in your community with a worthy cause.

14. Workout physically to keep your mind and body ready and able.

15. Have a hobby.

16. Write every day to keep your mind sharp and the ideas flowing.

17. Make it fun.

18. Practice smiling more.

19. Get off the internet and re-connect with the real world more often.

20. Help others stay inspired - what goes around comes around.

20.5 Reconnect with your family.

What else do you do?


My name is Jeffrey Summers and I am a 27 year veteran of creating, operating, Coaching and consulting with successful food service concepts that include national and international chains, franchises and independent operators. I am an award winning business Coach, consultant, speaker, writer and blogger who offers real world Coaching and consulting help on every facet of the food service business. I am also the president and founder of Restaurant Coaching Solutions, a full-service, national an...

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