When to say no to a deal. If you want grow say no!

As the #1 Online Life Coach, the biggest question I'm asked by the

successful entrepreneurs I work with is "How do I get to the next

level?" My answer is simple: say, "No" to 80% of your deals. We have

all heard of the "80/20 Rule", but 98% of all entrepreneurs do not

follow it. They are deathly afraid of turning down business, so they

take every job they can and wonder why they don't have the time to do

the really important things, like thinking. I'm getting ahead of

myself, so let's go back to the 80/20 Rule: 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers. That is a fact; run the numbers if you don't believe me. I didn't believe it until

I did it in one my businesses that I had owned for over 15 years. Once

I saw it in black in white, I couldn't believe it, 80% of my customers

were wasting my time and making me very little profit. Then the hard

part came, changing my business model. I fell into the same trap most

entrepreneurs do by listening to broke people, you know things like

"Take the business while you can" or "Don't leave money on the table."

The billionaire business owners I'm able to associate with now never

talk this way.

Wait, before you say, "I did this really small job and it lead to a

bigger one, so I never turn down a deal." If you want to think that

way, it's OK, but if you want to get to the next level, you need to

think differently. I have a very successful client in Hollywood that I

work with, he hired me to help him make the jump to the elite level of

8 figure deals. I told him the same thing I'm telling you, say, "No to

80%." He was so challenged by this until I explained to him that the

deals he was getting now were the ones turned down by the elite level 8

figure guys. If you want 8 figure deals you have think like an 8 figure

guy and NOT take 6 figure deals.

Saying no to the 80% also gives you time! John Maxwell the famous

leadership author talks about his "thinking chair," he only sits there

when he thinks. When was the last time you sat undisturbed for 1 hour

thinking? A 1/2 hour? 10 minutes? More than likely you don't have

time to think because you're spending it all working with the 80% that

only give you 20% of your profit. Time is something that takes getting

used to but the pay off is worth any discomfort. I tell most of clients

to find a park or grassy area or even get on the roof of their

businesses. I tell them to get away and just think. Did you ever notice

that you always get great ideas in the shower, why is that? Because

your relaxed and your mind is clear. You can accomplish the same thing out of the shower once you make a habit of thinking.However you need time to do this.

When you were young and you outgrew your clothes what did your parents

do? They gave them away right? Do the same thing with your customers as

your business grows, give them away. You can keep them if you want and

stay right where you are, the choice is yours.


Evan Money is the #1 Online Life Coach and founder of www.lifecoach5.com He is the author of the hit book Take Action Now: How to live your dreams in less than 3 weeks! As a Global Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Evan is a sought after speaker around the world. Evan personally coaches select entrepreneurs, elite athletes and celebrities. He and his family reside in majestic Rancho Palos Verdes, CA minutes from the new Trump national golf course. Evan and his bride have enjoyed a dynamic ma...

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