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November 2011 Top 50 Startup Experts to Follow on Twitter

#1) @sacca - (#1 last month) - Chris Sacca - Dreamily married to @crystale, dad to @CCEleven, and investor in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, & other fun startups. Learn more:
#2) @davemcclure - (#2 last month) - Dave McClure - Geeks. Founders. Startups. The Internet Revolution. Grand Poobah,
#3) @dharmesh - (#3 last month) - Dharmesh Shah - Founder/CTO @HubSpot inbound marketing and startup blogger at
#4) @ericries - (Up from #6 last) - Eric Ries - Trying to change how startups are built.
#5) @venturehacks - (#5 last month) - Venture Hacks - Advice for startups. We also do @angellist. Tweets by @nivi. Thx for reading.
#6) @paulg - (Up from #8) - Paul Graham
#7) @StartupReport - (New to list!) - Kevin Steger - Follow me for Entrepreneur, Angel Investing, Venture Capital and Start-up news. Contact me
#8) @Sequoia_Capital - (Up from #11) - Sequoia Capital - A company building partner to founders of startups who want to turn business ideas into enduring companies.
#9) @Bill_Gross - (Up from #13) - Bill Gross - Founder of Technology Incubator Idealab and 100 companies in last 30 years. Tweeting while on my quest for learning in life and at conferences.
#10) @GoogleVentures - (Up from #12) - Google Ventures - Google Ventures is Google’s venture capital arm.
#11) @StartupWeekend - (Up from #15) - StartupWeekend - Create communities and build companies in a weekend! No Talk. All Action.
#12) @techstars - (New to list!) - techstars - Mentorship-driven seed stage investing for web and software startups
#13) @500 - (New to list!) - 500 Startups - Seed fund and mentorship-driven accelerator program focused on helping startups succeed through design, data & distribution. Blowing up startups since 2010.
#14) @davidcohen - (Up from #17) - David Cohen - Founder/CEO of TechStars. Investor 150+ Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.
#15) @angellist - (Up from #20)) - AngelList - Badass community of startups and investors. By the same dudes who do @venturehacks. Tweets by @grahamjenkin and @nivi.
#16) @mashstartups - (Up from #22) -Mashable - Startups - Mashable (@mashable) Startups News and information from
#17) @StartupDigest - (Up from #25) - StartupDigest - Life is too short to work at a boring company. Get the best events and articles to enter the tech startup world:
#18) @startupamerica - (New to list!) - startupamerica - Startups + Growth = Jobs. We're helping startups solve this equation. Join us!
#19) @christine - (New to list!) - Christine Herron - Early-stage-leaning investor at Intel Capital. Venture Advisor at 500 Startups, Advisor to SSE Labs. Tribal kitchen goddess and @calista's mom.
#20) @startupquote - (Up from #27) - Startup Quote - Wisdom about Startup.
#21) @fdestin - (New to list!) - Fred Destin - Helping startups grow with money and mentoring to the sounds of K&D
#22) @ManuKumar - (Up from #28) - Manu Kumar - Entrepreneur turned Investor. Chief Firestarter at @K9Ventures. Tags: tech entrepreneur startups angel investor concept seed web venture vc cmu stanford
#23) @Venture_Capital - (New to list!) - Venture Capital - News from the world of startups and venture capital.
#24) @davidcrow - (New to list!) - David Crow - Community Animator. Emerging Technology Evangelist. Startups. Toronto. DemoCamp. Founders & Funders. Product marketing. User experience.
#25) @davetisch - New to list!) - David Tisch - I like the Internet, Sports, TV, Hooded Sweatshirts, Startups and ellipses... Managing Director of TechStars NYC and angel investor through BoxGroup...
#26) @HackerChick - (New to list!) - Abby Fichtner - Hacker Chick/Evangelist for Startups at Microsoft ~ awesomely eclectic crazy child
#27) @brantcooper - (New to list!) - Brant Cooper - I help startups get started. Lean Startup/Customer Development advocate, mentor and advisor. Book: San Diego meetup:
#28) @pluggdin - (New to list!) - - India's Largest Visibility Platform For Technology Entrepreneurs. We Heart Startups And Hackers.
#29) @teisenmann - (Up from #30) - Tom Eisenmann - Harvard Business School professor who studies lean startups, entrepreneurship, platforms, and network effects
#30) @capitalfactory - (New to list!) - Capital Factory - Seed accelerator for tech startups. $20k in cash, $20k in free stuff, and 20 mentors.
#31)@chchien - (New to list!) - Chi-Hua Chien - partner at kleiner perkins. early employee or cofounder of 4 startups. tech startup investor / operator / entrepreneur.
#32) @semil - (Up from #33) - Semil Shah - Currently: Operations @Votizen, Contributor @TechCrunch. Advisor to some cool startups.
#33) @s4s - (Up from #35) - School for Startups - Doug Richard’s School for Startups provides essential training seminars and advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK. What are you working on?
#34) @Pv - (Up from #38) - Patrick Vlaskovits - Founded two startups. Wrote The Entrepreneur’s Guide to CustDev. Mentor with @500Startups. Organizer of @Twiistup and @LeanLA.
#35) @startupmeme - (Up from #37) - Startup Meme - Dedicated to covering Web Startups, apps & news. Join us: or Follow Our Editor Sardar Mohkim Khan:
#36) @Harjeet - (New to list!) - Harjeet - one day i will learn to fly like superman. in the meantime im investing in startups with @ycombinator.
#37) @startupfoundry - (Up from #39) - Paul Hontz - For people who love startups.
#38) @StartupUK - (Up from #42) - Startup UK - A resource for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK, run by the eOffice startup team @eOffice (
#39) @liubinskas - (New to list!) - Mick Liubinskas - I help start new web businesses for Pollenizer - we co-found web startups in Sydney, Australia. e.g. Spreets, Posse, mogeneration, Friendorse, Travelcandy
#40) @TheStartupBus - (Up from #45) - StartupBus - What happens when you put a bunch of entrepreneurs on a bus. Well duh - new startups of course.
#41)@AWSstartups - (Up from #49) - AWS startups - start-up & developer resources, events, and more from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Tweets by @rodica
#42) @Urvaksh - (New to list!) - Urvaksh - social media evangelist. business journalist. author of @AtlanTech, a blog on startups & tech deals. @11alivenews contributor. Still an  fanboi.
#43) @kluo - (New to list!) - Kay Luo - I love dogs, running, & startups (not to be confused with dogs running startups). Former comms lead @Square and @LinkedIn. These days I advise & get more sleep.
#44) @royrod - (Up from #46) - Roy Rodenstein - Entrepreneur (SocMetrics,, product & mktg exec (AOL, IBM), advisor (HackerAngels, 500 Startups et al), citizen of the world (grew up in 5 countries)
#45) @startupschool - (Up from #47) - Startup School
#46) @aileenlee - (New to list!) - aileenlee - mom of 3, partner at VC firm Kleiner Perkins, former startup CEO, helper to consumer web startups
#47) @ktrae - (New to list!) - Katie Rae - Investor, Startups, GF, Project 11, TechStars
#48) @startupscom - (New to list!) - Get Deals 4 Startups - Daily Deals for Site Owners. Get 50-90% Off on software, web apps, ebooks, gadgets and more. Subscribe free here:
#49) @thestartuplist - (New to list!) - StartupList - is a place to discover and follow startups. Add your startup, socially engage with your early adopter friends, and read Startup News.
#50) @angelpadorg - (New to list!) - AngelPad - Founders and angels working together to build better startups


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