Successful Marketing is All About the Relationship

Do you know what your gifts are, your special talent? Is there

something you love to do so much, you would do it for free? Whatever

that gift is, you are the only one doing it. There might be other’s who

do similar things, but no one is doing it quite the way you are. Your

perceptions and your experience, makes your way of providing that

service unique.

Getting to the point where you are ready to share your talents and

gifts with others is a journey. Maybe you always had a strong vision.

Or you continued to refine your gifts over time. Are you committed to

doing whatever it takes to build your practice?

Choosing to help others by being of service is valuable and rewarding.

Do not underestimate the value you bring to others. Just because you

are doing something which comes naturally and is so easy for you to do,

does not decrease its value. Actually it increases the value. You have

years of experience, knowledge and intuition which allows you to easily find solutions for your clients.

There is a difference between the technical part of your practice and

the benefit you provide. The technical part is the approach you use,

the location and tools of your trade. You understand what you are

talking about, but your prospect is not very concerned about those


Think about it. Step into the shoes of your prospect and look at it

from her eyes. You want to know how you will benefit by working with

this person. Craft everything you do to let your prospect know how much

better things will be by working with you. Reflect on the question

about being a problem solver and what specific problems you know how to


When networking

or at social events, so often you are asked “What do you do?” Stop for

a moment and hold back from your usual response. Instead really get

their attention by talking about your ideal client, what their struggle

is and the solution you provide.

“I work with solo business owners who are really good at what they do,

but have difficulty with marketing themselves and telling others about

their services. As a result, there is always a struggle to grow their

practice. I help to develop a winning mindset for them to grow their

practice with confidence. By turning a negative into a positive they

have more clients, more money and more free time.”

The service you provide and the actual benefit your clients might

receive from working with you are two different things. This is

valuable information for you to have. If you are not sure how your

clients benefit, ask them. The response might be an eye-opener, giving

you additional insights for your practice. More than likely, they will

be happy to share this information with you.

When I first started my practice, I expected clients to be flocking to

me. In my naiveté I believed if I opened my doors for business, clients

would magically appear. Envisioning my business would be like the

“Field of Dreams”, build it and they would come. This is the same as

using Law of Attraction to manifest a goal, but never taking action. There is a one, two

process for success. Create a clear intention and purpose. Next take

action for transforming your goals into a reality.

Know what service you are offering. Don’t get caught up with the words

and trying to make it perfect. Avoid spending a lot of time in your

head, looking for the right formula. When you over-think something, you

are procrastinating. This is not very client attractive.

In the beginning I made this same mistake. I focused on the technical

aspects of my practice, the nuts and bolts of what I do. Basically, no

one really cares. What my clients really wanted to know was how they

would benefit from working with me.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt

Stepping out of the box of how I viewed myself, I began to look at the

results. I had a huge “aha” moment. It was significant. What I did was

start at the end with the results and then work my way back. By

focusing on the results, I changed everything about my presentation, my

elevator speech and my pricing. Instead of talking about me, I began

talking about you. By focusing on what a potential client received from

working with me, created an emotional connection. I became the problem

solver and the solution for the pain they were experiencing.

Choose to get out of your head and connect with your heart. If you were

to begin talking from your heart about your talents and how you have

been of service to others, what would you say? Really think about your

passions and the way you are being of service. At the end of the day,

how do your clients benefit from working with you?

What you do is special and you have an obligation to let others know

how you can be of service to them. I firmly believe this is an

obligation. When you are talking with someone who is your ideal client,

educate them about the benefits from working with you.

I am not talking about being “salesy” or pushy. Selling yourself like a

used car salesman is not very client attractive. When you are

connecting with your ideal client, the best approach to take is one of

service. Be genuine. Tell a story of how your clients benefit from your


What do you offer and how do you provide solutions to their biggest

problems? If you don’t let others know what you are doing, then those

people will suffer. Suffer is a strong term. Consider the fact they

will continue to be struggling with a problem; one where you have the


If you have the solution, let them know. Realize you have a

responsibility to educate your potential client about the services you

provide and how you can solve her problem. How else would she know you

might have the special talents or gifts which could help solve her

problem? It is your responsibility to let her know about your skills

and services in order to help her.

Activity: 1. Describe the client you work with the best.

2. What service do you provide for your client?

3. Describe the main problem you help your client solve? What do they receive when working with you?

4. Now let’s put it all together for your elevator speech:

''I work with _______________________ (mention your ideal client) often struggle with______________________

(client''s problem) I _________ (how do you help your clients) so that

they ______________________________.'' (what are the results they

receive from working with you)

5. Play with this, try several variations. Practice this and see how it

sounds. Try it out with someone you know and ask them for feedback. You

want to be able to do this easily and naturally.

6. Be open to change. This is a work in progress.


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