Don Quixote v Superman

In this world of fast food, fast cars, and speed dating, when did romance with Mr Darcy and tilting windmills with Don Quixote, gestures like opening doors, buying flowers, paying compliments fade into the background?

Ok, maybe it is a little difficult with females drinking pints, driving tankers and fighting in the street; but somewhere in the universe there must be others that like being treated like a lady!

As Superman saves Lois Lane from falling off a building, strong arms surround her slim body, as their eyes meet……Ok back to reality as the years pass by the body changes, Superman’s tights get a little more like Nora Battie, and getting down off of a chair after changing a light bulb seems like climbing Everest, but the life and light in the soul is still twenty something.

Living with Don Quixote may be a little difficult as his imagination takes him in all directions without any thought for others, Superman on the other hand is in such great demand by the rest of the world, when would you get much time to cuddle up on the sofa?

Taking time to appreciate people, whether it is your partner, parent, child, or friend will only enhance the relationship. Taking people for granted is the quickest and easiest way to lose interest in a relationship. Remembering what it was like in the begining, what drew you together, what made you laugh. Responsibilities, life changes and illness can easily take over from fun, remembering to play and enjoy other people and their company is always a good place to start.

When you are young relationships are painful, each new person is the love of your life, as you mature the relationships get more meaningful, then as you get older and find yourself single again for whatever reason, building trust is always a major issue. The main thing to remember is that whatever your age the other person is feeling just the same as you.

Superman and Wonder Woman are great in books, but how good are they with washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning? Still it is nice to dream, but even better to dream together……


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