Linda Sage

Business Coach Author

In 2005 Linda threw off her corporate ties to take her passion and belief that “Now is a Great Time for Change,” after over twenty years of corporate, in-house, Governmental, institutional, international training, it was time for her to travel the world simplifying the scary prospect and process of personal change. She has motivated audiences throughout the UK and Europe to Saudi Arabia and UAE. Her inspirational life from “a fat bullied child,” to “an adult with a lot of time behind prison gates,” to an elegant, eloquent, confident public speaker shares her personalized message and practical ways to simplify personal change possibilities for anyone, who wants to make the effort to break out and have more in their life. 

Linda’s empathy and understanding of struggle both professional and personal has fueled her passion for learning from others and in turn empowering others. There are many bullies, negative wizards and hob nail boots to trample on our aspirations, but learning that we have to power to shrug off their influence and have the life we choose, is personal freedom. Confident communication is a cornerstone to improving self worth.

Her successful book Personal Coaching for Change, has provided many arr ha moments for readers and her forthcoming book From a Whale to a Woman, shows her personal journey through food demons and through her own achievement how she has helped and supported thousands of others.


As founder of Linda Sage Mentoring and Elite Speakers, Linda has created and facilitates many seminars for Powerful Presentations, Personal Change, Criminal Minds, Elite Speaking, Speaking Like a Champ and Self Talk is the Key to Personal Understanding.  






Personal Coaching for Change





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