N. R. Brown

Business Coach Author

Brown began his incredible career as a consultant while in his 20s. His company had offices in nine states, the Bahamas, London, and Dublin, Ireland. He shares his more than fifty years experience serving clients to give others rare insights into simple methods for using communication to solve a variety of personal-life problems. His methods are endorsed by couples, parents, executives, managers, supervisors, small business owner, professional people, college students, and major corporations. Brown is well known for having originated forensic communication analysis, a powerful technique used to successfully unravel knotty problems by leading businesses. He currently produces a unique motivational workshop-talk based upon his book and he promises to empower any group with extraordinary knowledge on how to create, build, and repair personal and professional relationships. N. R. Brown gives exceptional knowledge about the importance of communication with an obviously deep passion which he blends with humor and motivational stories in ways that give audiences new and vigorous control over relationships in their life! His tips and pointers provide a fundamental groundwork to make life easier, satisfying, and more fun! Brown attended Temple University, Arizona State University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara and the National Academy of American Psychology.

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