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How to Build It Before You Need It, Every Day

"Build it before you need it."

That was one of the most important operating principles in Never Eat Alone - the idea that building your network and deepening relationships shouldn't - in fact, CAN'T - be a machine that you fire up when you suddenly need a new job. Putting time and energy into relationship building should be a lifestyle constant. The question is how to do that, on a typical day when the alarm clock rings and you're off to a running start in a race that ends when your head hits the pillow?

Here's my solution: Ritualize relationship building. Create a system of simple activities that you carry out over time as habits - and that become as essential and basic to your being as your morning cup of coffee.

Here are five ideas to inspire your own personal "Relationship Rituals" checklist:?

1. First thing every day after you turn on your computer, ping one friend and one acquaintance.

2. Every weekend, invite someone else into an activity that you normally do alone (walks, gym sessions, gardening, shopping trips).

3. Pick a day for a weekly check-in with a colleague/associate/friend, during which you share a success, a challenge, and make a commitment for the upcoming week.

4. Every Friday, send a broadcast - status update, blog post, Tweet, etc.

5. Host a monthly dinner or happy hour.

Ultimately, everyone's list of rituals will be unique, customized to your specific network, goals, and lifestyle. The important thing is that every week, hell or highwater, you're acting on them.

Now tell me: What's your best relationship ritual, that you're either practicing now or want to start?

Everyone head to the blog and share something! Then we'll have a great bank to choose from.



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