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What You SHOULD Have Done Last Time You Were in Line at the Grocery Store

A common reaction I get when I teach people my relationship system is, "My schedule's already busy! Now you want me to fit in all these pings and calls and meetings and dinners and...?" Here's my top tip for making these activities fit inside the schedule you already have - no add-ons!

Use your taxi time. We all have wasted time slots; the grocery store line is another. They're wasted because we're not prepared to use them. So carry around your contact lists; dedicate that "free time" to texting, email, calling, and tweeting.

Check out my other four time-management tips for relationship building on the blog - they'll help!

And tell me: How about you? What are your favorite time-management techniques? I'll be gathering comments to include them in an upcoming webinar, so make sure you include your full name and web site link, if you have one. Can't wait to see what you come up with.



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