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Community Involvement the Wrong Way

There are wrong ways to demonstrate community involvement as well. If you volunteer to work on a committee but are never available for meetings, or if you sponsor a little league team and don't show up for games, you're proving yourself to be crass and superficial, probably sucking up the community to get business instead of working for it for altruistic reasons. Consumers are more sophisticated than ever these days. People know the difference between serving the community and serving yourself. If you're not willing to devote honest time and energy to your community, you're better off skipping this weapon and leaving it to the real guerrillas in your community. I just hope for your sake that none are your direct competitors.

Your community is not merely defined by geography. Guerrillas become involved with their industrial community, though it may reach from coast to coast, or across the ocean. Digital communities are springing up all over the place as the world goes online. Whatever the size or scope of your community, the guerrilla rule remains the same: do unto others as they hope you will do unto them. As part of the community, they are hoping for your help, not your hype.

While you're involved with your community, be sure that you're attuned to their problems. Listen for the ouch. Guerrillas know that it's easier to sell the solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit. That's why they position themselves as problem-solvers.

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