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Guerrilla Marketing as Sex

The whole idea of guerrilla marketing is to transform cold prospects into
consenting partners. As with superb sex, marketers shouldn't be in a
hurry, shouldn't direct their energies to disinterested people and must
realize that the consummation of a loving relationship won't take place
without proper wooing, without knowing exactly what turns on the prospect.

When small business owners think less of marketing as an impersonal
communication and more as a sexual journey, they will be far more able to
market with success. In today's cluttered environment of marketing,
instead of pondering numbers and demographics, explore instead the
concepts of romance and love.

That means realizing that falling in love with the right person and
keeping the relationship delicious and satisfying is not so much a single
major event as a step-by-step process. It begins by playing the field
and determining just who you want to date in the first place. During
this step, guerrilla marketers concentrate upon the compatibility factor.
They keep their radar attuned to the proper chemistry that leads to
mutual understanding and eventual consent. Unfazed by superficial
allure, they seek soulmates more than customers. Their taste and
discretion helps reduce their marketing costs because their targets
reflect quality over quantity.

The guerilla marketers next step is gaining uncarnal knowledge. They seek information
about prospects who have caught their fancy so they can satisfy their
needs more than their wants -- because guerrillas realize people often
want what they don't need, and providing it is hardly the basis of a long
term relationship. They seek shared values in customers as they would in
lovers, gaining information as they impart information, much in the
manner of two people getting to know each other -- with romance on their
mind. They treat all prospects differently, just as they want to be treated.
They learn those ways with research and two-way communication.

It's at this point that guerrillas engage in flirting -- taking that
first step towards gaining consent. Marketing with personalized
messages, treating advertising not as the way to make the sale but as
the first step in gaining consent, they become attractive to those who have
attracted them.

When the courtship begins, guerrillas pay very close attention and prove
that they care. They enter into dialogues with those form whom they are
lusting and know what to say for that lust to be returned. Any courtship
is intensified with gifts of love, and it is no different in the
guerrilla marketer's search for consenting partners. Gifts can be
gift-wrapped or come in the form of prizes, memberships in loyalty
groups, newsletters, booklets, regular email updates. Each prospect
knows that their individuality is recognized.

Next comes necking and petting, connecting even closer with prospects by
becoming more intimate in marketing. By listening carefully to learn of
likes and dislikes, specific problems, guerrillas learn to make promises
they can keep. Their penchant for taking action broadens even more the
consent for which they strive.

The step in marketing that most relates to foreplay is when marketers
give to their partners the exact pleasure that they want. They
capitalize upon the interactivity afforded by online communications to
become a part of their prospect's identities. They customize their
messages to each prospect, not only making them feel special but proving
their devotion.

Guerrilla marketers and their prospects achieve consummation by closing
the sale with mutual consent. Rather than having rushed, their timing is
impeccable and their fulfillment implies a commitment. The marketer has
consistently demonstrated empathy for the partner -- with the goal of
providing joy and satisfaction. The earth may not tremble, but a lasting
bond has been created.

During the afterglow, the connection is solidified. This is accomplished
with assiduous follow-up -- proving in a way that the marketer still
respects the prospect in the morning. Statements of warm appreciation
are made, resulting in prospects who are so delighted they just cannot
help but relate their joy to other people they know.

The entire process involves a lot more than a mere sexual dalliance but
is the start of a long and happy marriage. The devotion of the small
business owner is unmistakable because it builds upon details that have
been learned, specific tastes of each customer and their shared
experience of sale, purchase and use.

The more you view the marketing process as a mating ritual as opposed to an
economic ritual, the longer you will find your list of consenting and delighted

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