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The Hidden World of Bartering

I remember vividly my first experience scuba diving. As soon as I went
beneath the surface of the sea, I realized that an entire world existed
every day within my own world-and I wasn't at all aware of it. Whether
or not I knew of it, that world was still alive and happening.

The same is true of the world of barter. It's alive and happening, now
more than ever, and yet, most small business owners are completely
clueless as to its existence - and its value to their companies. To
fully comprehend the magnitude of barter in today's economy, consider
that in 1998, more than 55 percent of media was not purchased, but
obtained by barter. And that's just media. Many other goods and
services are obtained for no money whatsoever - simply by bartering.

Almost all small businesses want and need something. Perhaps it's
exactly what you offer. And it's practically certain that your small
business also wants and needs something - and other small businesses
offer it. Not only that, but they may be very interested in bartering
for it with you.

When that happens, you'll be able to get what you need for a fraction of
its normal cost since you'll be paying with your own services or goods at
their full retail price. Guerrillas learn of this exciting and enormous
world of barter by visiting - a site especially
created for small businesses worldwide to barter what they have for what
they need. Best of all, membership is free.

Barter enables small-businesses to address a pressing need: cash flow. By
empowering businesses to trade their goods or services for the goods or
services offered by other businesses, bartering facilitates enables
complex exchanges among multiple businesses.

Any unused time, inventory, or capacity can be transformed into business
value. Small businesses around the world are learning to conserve cash,
find new customers, and convert their excess time or capacity into the
things they need. All it takes is a simple barter.

Since learning of the immense power and economy of bartering, I have
personally bartered my own marketing services for a solar heating unit
for my pool, a giant-screen TV set, a hot tub, an electric scooter for my
wife, a year's supply of coffee, a palm tree, a vacation in Hawaii, a
cruise to Russia, and scads of secretarial services. I tell you this
only to open your mind to the variety of goods and services available to
those who are willing to trade what they have for what they want and need.

Many small business owners want and need products and services for both
their business and their non-business lives. Often, these offerings are
just too expensive to purchase and don't fit into the budget. But by
bartering, they do not require any cash outlay and fit easily into
anyone's budget.

Bartering is at the very core of guerrilla marketing because rather than
requiring a financial investment, it requires only an investment of your
time, energy and imagination. Simply by visiting a site such as, the astute small business owner can learn of offerings
that can make the difference between success and failure, growth or

What you may consider to be an overstock of inventory or downtime for
your employees can be transformed into exactly what your company needs
right now. In the past, such complex barter arrangements were
time-consuming and often led to frustration.

But as the online world grows, and small businesses pop up all over the
globe, barter has become much simpler, much faster and within the reach
of any small business. What you desperately need today, but just cannot
afford, may be yours tomorrow - and very easy to afford.

Traditionally, small businesses had to rein in their growth plans because
they just plain didn't have the money to fuel their dreams. But
guerrillas are rapidly learning that they don't need the money. They
already have just what is necessary for them to acquire the goods and
services they desire - and all it takes is opening their minds to the
concept of barter.

Centuries ago, barter was commonly used by small businesses, but as cash
assumed a greater role in the economies of nations, barter seemed to fall
by the wayside. Today, that trend has been reversed and barter is
assuming a greater role than ever.

Small businesses are realizing that they already have just what it takes
to get what they need - and get it in a hurry. It is not complicated.
It is not time-consuming. It is not reserved for huge corporations with
a lot of clout. The business and marketing plans of an increasing
number of small businesses include bartering for resources.

They now comprehend that rather than visiting their banker, they can
simply click their mouse and enter a world where they are welcome, a
world teeming with valuable offerings that can shift them into

If you're a guerrilla, you'll discover this world and become intimate
with the benefits it offers to your business. Whether you discover it
or not, it will continue to thrive, continue to propel small businesses
to their goals, and continue to become an integral part of the world

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