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Be Kind and Listen

It has been said that it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. Another "oldie" is the fact that when you're talking you're not learning; it's only when you listen that you learn. Listening will help avoid some embarrassments and might even make you some money. As an example, when Tommy Bolt (1916-2008) was on the golf tour, he established a solid reputation for his temper. He was known as "Thunder" and "Terrible Tommy." His breaking and throwing of clubs became locker room fodder and a topic for media discussion (his penchant for throwing clubs led to the adoption of a rule prohibiting such behavior). Once, in a tournament, he drew a caddy who had a reputation for being a talker, so Tommy told him to keep quiet and restrict his answers to yes or no.

As luck would have it, one of Bolt's shots stopped close to a tree. In order to reach the green, he had to hit the ball under a branch and over a lake. He carefully analyzed the situation and made a decision. However, as it frequently happens, halfway talking to his caddy and halfway talking to himself, he asked, "Which club do you think? Five iron?" The caddy, having been duly warned, responded, "No, Mr. Bolt." Tommy's temper and pride prompted him to say, "What do you mean, not a five iron? Just watch this shot!" The caddy, still following instructions, said, "No, Mr. Bolt!" Bolt wasn't listening. He took dead aim, hit the shot beautifully to the green and it stopped a couple of feet from the hole. With a look of self-satisfaction, Bolt handed the caddy his five iron and commented, "What do you think about that? And it's o.k. for you to talk now." "Mr. Bolt, that wasn't your ball," the caddy responded.

Hitting the wrong ball cost Tommy Bolt a two-shot penalty and lots of money. Message: Be nice to people, especially those who serve you, listen to what they have to say and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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