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Truly successful people in life are givers and forgivers.

. . .Ten days before Christmas the 200 Puerto Rican families in this particular parish gathered to each place $5 in the "pot," which was about a day's pay for a fruit picker. . . . Each family would write its name on a slip of paper. Then they would blindfold someone to draw the name of the family that would get to go home for Christmas--two glorious weeks on the island, and enough money to buy Christmas presents for everyone.

Employee Phillip Kelly explains, "I went to the drawing that year, my first Christmas with the community, but it was going to be Wally Jansen's last. Wally was retiring after working 40 years with the company, and for the last 25 he had been the canning factory foreman."

By 3 o'clock. . .the announcer called the committee onstage to witness the drawing. Then they called Phillip up to draw the name of the lucky family. He was blindfolded and led to the drum that included the names of the families. "I reached in, sorted out a handful, and finally settled on one," says Phillip. "I opened the slip of paper and read the name Wally Jansen. The cheers were deafening. Everyone surrounded him, hugging him, crying, congratulating him, wishing him a Merry Christmas and a joyous trip." During the commotion, Phillip casually reached back into the drum and drew out a handful of slips and opened a couple. "Each one, in different writing, carried the same name--Wally Jansen," he explained.

I imagine that the Wally Jansen family was thrilled beyond words. But I believe the joy that each person felt, thinking that maybe he or she had written the name "Wally Jansen," which was drawn, was greater still. Think about that. Become a giver, and you will be happier on your trip to the top.

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