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How to Stay Motivated

A single word can change your life. Do you want to make more money? This word can help you create vast amounts of it. Do you want to be famous? This word can make you a big star. Do you want to be an effective leader, with influence over large numbers of people? This word can bring you more prestige and respect than you ever imagined.

How is it possible for one word to bring a person so many good things? How is it possible to reduce all the complexities of “making it” in life down to a single word?

Simple. This word is the cause of every achievement men and women have ever made. Let me explain by giving you an example:

A reporter once asked Arnold Schwarzenegger how he was able to reach the top in bodybuilding and as a Hollywood actor. Without hesitating, Schwarzenegger replied, “DRIVE!” That was all he said.

In fact, throughout history, the people with the most DRIVE have accomplished the most, earned the most money and respect, had the most luck, and garnered the most power.

The driven person always finds these things, even in the face of “insurmountable” obstacles. In fact, he or she often finds them immediately after overcoming such obstacles.

Since you’re reading this letter, I believe you’re already more driven than most of the population. Most people would have carelessly tossed this letter aside. But you’re reading because you’re smarter than they are - and more driven to succeed.

There are nuggets of gold in this letter - nuggets so valuable they can literally transform your life. If you have the right mindset, you’ll find each and every nugget.

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