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Living with Integrity

"What I do is who I am" Chris Schenkel. Several years ago I heard about an ad placed in a sports magazine advising hunters how not to scatter their shots. The ad said, "For one dollar we'll give you that information." Many people sent their dollar and the advice was, "Just use one shot." While the ad was deceptive, and I'm certain many of the respondents were irritated at being taken in, the advice was good. A classic example of someone who did not scatter his shots is Chris Schenkel. Chris was one of the most enduring sports casters in history. For over 42 years he was frequently identified as the "good guy of sports." The good news is, Schenkel was not putting on an act when he was identified as the "good guy" who looks for the good in others. Despite some criticism for being too praiseworthy and not critical or judgmental enough, Schenkel simply says, "What I do is who I am."

Chris Schenkel's dream to be a broadcaster started back in the 1930's. He listened to baseball games on the radio and studied the broadcasters' style. His dad purchased an early audio disc recorder for him. Chris would record the games and practice mimicking the announcer. When he was a freshman at Purdue University, Chris took a summer job at WLBC in Muncie, Indiana, for $18 a week. In 1952 he began as a substitute announcer for the ABC fights on radio. Later he was a substitute announcer for the New York Giants football games on TV. His goal always was to be the best he could be, using his abilities and being himself.

Chris Schenkel was one of the most respected broadcasters in America and he did it by understanding who he was, being a "good-finder," concentrating his efforts and not scattering his shots. The message is clear. "What you do is who you are." Buy that approach to life and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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