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Overcoming Fear

Fear has been correctly identified with the acrostic False Evidence Appearing Real. The truth is that if we think something is to be feared, that perception becomes the cruelest form of reality.

A second-grade boy was overheard saying, "It's easy to be brave when you're not scared." By the same token, it's easy to talk about how to overcome fear when you have little to be afraid of. Fear is certainly real for most people and all of us face a fear of something--poverty, divorce, rejection, death, failure, speaking in public, being laughed at, etc.

How do we overcome fear? First we must learn to examine our fears. Example: Giving a speech, which is the number one fear in our country, according to Reader's Digest. . . . If that's your fear, ask yourself a few questions. "Why am I afraid to make a speech? Is it because I'm afraid of being rejected? Then why do I think I'll be rejected? Do I believe what I'm about to say? Is my speech worth giving? Am I proud of the comments I'm about to make?" As you ask yourself these questions, the fear will begin to subside. It subsides because you have explored your subconscious mind with your questions and flushed out some of your fears.

My research indicates that only three people have died while making a speech. Since 12 billion people have lived and only three of them died making a speech, I'd say it's a fairly safe thing to do. If you're a little nervous, consider this: You could lead a mule into a crowded room and he would be so calm that he would almost go to sleep standing up. A thoroughbred in the same situation would be as nervous as a cat. If you're a little nervous, just be grateful you're a thoroughbred--not a mule. So face those inner feelings, stand up and speak up with confidence. When you do, I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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