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If I were to ask the question, Would you like to improve your productivity dramatically without working any longer or any harder? chances are pretty good that you would say, “That would be nice! I’d be more effective and I’d probably get a raise! I might even have more fun in the process.”

Question: How many of you, on the night before the day you were going on vacation, sat down and wrote out a list of the things you wanted to be certain to do before you left work the next day? Chances are extremely good that most of you would say you had done that. And most of you would also admit that you managed to complete more than twice the number of tasks you complete on a normal day.

Now think about this for a moment: If planning your job on the day before you go on vacation increases your productivity, doesn’t it make sense that if you were to spend a few minutes every day before you start your work day contemplating what is really important and what you really need to accomplish, that you would have the same great results? And the chances are excellent – definitely better than good – that this process will attract favorable attention, probably leading to more job security, perhaps a raise, and maybe even a significant promotion.

The reality is, productivity has a direct bearing on profitability, and all businesses are interested – very much so – in profits. Profitability comes from loyalty, productivity, and having a character base from which to work. So as you ponder this question, I hope you will seriously consider not only planning your schedule as you prepare to go on vacation, but that every day you will spend a few minutes before you go to work planning how you can be more effective that day

It doesn’t take long to plan; it does take a lot of time not to plan, because without a plan of action, people will impose on your time with idle chatter and requests that take you away from the task at hand. Not only will you be less effective, but the effectiveness of the people, who take your time for casual chatter, or in some cases gossip, will be greatly reduced and everybody, including management and leadership, will be very unhappy about that.

Chances are good, regardless of the job market, the most productive people with the right attitude are the ones who really have more job security, and in most cases a better income. When you feel good about yourself and your productivity, you probably will also be performing better at home. When there is no job related stress you are more aware of your mate and children, if you are a parent. You will spend more time being better organized so you can spend more time having that balanced life that all of us are really interested in.

Planning for a balanced life will enable you to deal with the physical, the mental, and the spiritual aspects of your life. It will also enable you to develop more friendships, and stronger, better, more lasting relationships. There are many benefits that go with making the plan a daily part of your life. Time well spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation. It will allow you to attend more of your children’s ball games or school functions as well.

A plan is always successful if the plan is good. And if you’ve been on the job for any length of time, you can develop a better plan of action so that everyone benefits from it. I’m talking about planning today for tomorrow’s future. Think about it. I promise you’ll be more productive, happier, healthier, and have a much better chance for increased income when you are secure in who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. I sincerely hope you’ll take action immediately to get that plan into your daily life.

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