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Positive Words Create Positive Actions

In our society today we tend to accentuate the negatives instead of the positives. One example is the "alarm clock" we use to wake ourselves up in the morning. Realistically, when we hear an alarm it generates fear or anxiety. When somebody robs a bank, an alarm is sounded; when there's a fire, someone sounds an alarm. Perhaps waking up to an alarm helps explain the profusion of negative words we use. If you rethink the issue of your clock you will realize that it is really giving you an opportunity. When you hear it ring, you have the opportunity to get up and go. A whole day full of possibilities is available to you once you hear your "opportunity clock." If you can't hear it ring, that might mean you've gotten up and gone! That could be bad. Some people refer to the electrical appliances on street corners as "stop lights," "red lights," or "traffic lights." Factually speaking, they are "go lights." They were put there to make traffic "go" more quickly, safely and smoothly.

Many people refer to the first slice on a loaf of bread as the "end," when in reality every loaf of bread I've ever seen has two beginnings. Now, I'll be the first to admit that is not necessarily earth-shattering, but I challenge you to use the terms "opportunity clock" when you relate your wake-up procedure and "beginning" when you describe the first slice of bread in a loaf. And the next time someone asks you for directions, send them down to the first "go" light. I assure you, a smile will cross your face and that's the first step in developing the right mental attitude, which is prerequisite for optimum performance. Think about it, and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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By: Evan Carmichael

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