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The Attitude of Gratitude

Humbly grateful or gratefully humble? In a recent sermon Dr. Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas points out that each person in his or her lifetime will cultivate either an attitude or spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude and thankfulness, or an attitude or life as a cynic, full of anger, bitterness and arrogance. He expands on this by pointing out that a grateful child, by-and-large, is far more likely to be a happy child. He also says a person who is hostile, angry and critical, who is a fault-finder, is basically an ungrateful person.

Dr. Graham then goes on to emphasize that gratitude sweetens our disposition, brightens our day, and encourages those around us. He also says that gratitude will help make us healthy, is the antidote for every negative emotion in our lives, and that virtually every negative thought - anger, worry, fear, hostility or doubt - has at its root ingratitude.

Gratitude will not only make you healthy and happy, it will also change your perspective in life. Happy people basically focus on others; unhappy people focus on themselves and wallow in self-pity and doubt. Grateful people are far more optimistic and see whatever circumstances they're in as an opportunity for good.

Dr. Graham then elaborates and says if you can't think of something to be grateful for each morning, then think of some of the things you don't have that you can be grateful for. For example, you can be grateful that you don't have a fatal disease or unemployment staring you in the face. That gives all of us a great deal to think about, doesn't it?

Of all the "attitudes" we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing. Adopt that attitude and I really will SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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