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A Great Example!

Nearly twenty years ago, a young man started working for the Trump Organization as a driver and a security guard. He had a terrific work ethic, natural smarts, wit and an engaging personality that matched his unmistakable Queens accent. His name was Vinny Stellio. Over the years, he became a high ranking executive who was not only effective, but greatly admired personally and professionally. He was a terrific example of a Trump success story, and I was proud of his accomplishments and his dedication and loyalty to the Trump Organization and to the Trump family. In fact, my sons Don Jr. and Eric's first jobs in the organization were working under Vinny, an experience they'll never forget. All of us at the Trump Organization are greatly saddened that Vinny passed away this week. He will never be forgotten, and the Trump Family has established a college fund for his son Vincent. I mention Vinny not only for sentimental reasons, but as an example of loyalty and dedication. He was a wonderful member of our organization and will be greatly missed.

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