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Why would someone come to work for you?

Most small business marketers think in terms of marketing as a way to get a keep customers. While that is indeed correct, effective marketing is also a great way to attract and keep great talent to your business. No matter how hot your products and services are your growth will be tied very directly to the your ability to get people who are passionate about your company and its story working side by side with you.

Letís face it, the best and brightest arenít as a attracted to companies they have never heard of, that donít have buzz and that donít seem to have a clear mission or passion for serving a narrowly defined target customer. If you donít have a strong brand, clear marketing message and active voice in your market you will be left to try to convince people to come to work for you based on price - or in this case salary. Price competition is no fun for customers or employees.

Practicing effective marketing tactics is just as essential for attracting employees as it is for attracting customers.

Consistently communicating a core message that differentiates is essential for attracting strong employees
Publishing marketing materials that educate is essential for attracting strong employees
Effectively creating a web presence is essential for attracting strong employees
Generating favorable media coverage is essential for attracting strong employees
Educating your entire staff on the elements of your marketing plan is essential for attracting strong employees
Constantly reselling your best customers on what a good decision theyíve made to stay loyal is essential for attracting strong employees

So, does any of that sound like effective marketing tactics to you?

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