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Avoid Online Scams while Doing Business

Every business online from an individual start-up to the world largest corporations faces the risk on online viruses, spam, scams or fraud. Even Government bodies or agency cannot escape the increasing dark side of the internet.

Nearly every read of the daily news, show that someone online; be they individuals – from the youngest to the most senior citizen. Students, teachers, professors cannot escape the darkside. Company or corporate owners, directors, management and employees, and government officials from the most senior the newest staffer needs to be educated and made aware of the risks that the use of the internet poses to them. Avoiding scams online while doing business is a must-have learning objective

These risks extend from them personally, to their individual mobile devices, from the smallest computing device to the largest of networks, regardless of the budgets available.

As the internet continues to multiple its user base, awareness of these various risks also grew. Groups, websites, Blog and article attempt to spread the word. Some focus on a particulate brand of scam, i.e. Nigerian Letters, PTC Investigations, MLM, Email fraud, Identity theft, etc. As they try to make us more aware, they have taken up the impossible task of maintaining lists of banned sites.

Until our Handbook, first introduced in 2009 as a support manual for our Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups, no one had addressed the bigger picture; that is anyone that has an email address and logs onto the internet is or may be exposed to any and all to the various online scams and malicious viruses. It is better to educate the user about risk and risk avoidance from the email headlines from unknown source, the suspicious free download, the fake bank emails, etc. rather than merely provide lists.

The Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups

With the number of New Internet Users or Newbies is growing at more than 44% per year, the Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups are a powerful aid to the newbies joining us online. We are pleased to announce continued growth of The Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups with the addition of several new sites. Our first free group was formed with Swom after nearly 2 years of research into internet scams, fraud and online crimes. To-date, nearly $70,000 has been invested in research of various scams, new programs, etc. so that you do not have too. Today, we have and enjoy thousands of members; both newbies and seasoned professionals all sharing and helping fellow members avoid the scams while doing business online.

Ownership of our Internet Users Handbook is supplemented by the added benefit of communications with link minded internet users, both seasoned and newbies with free membership in one or more of our Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) currently located throughout the internet on several Social or Social Business Networks.

These groups are Anonymous Groups because few of us will admit out mistakes and even fewer of us will learn from them. Yes, I too have been a victim. My experiences, lessons and research are included throughout this Handbook. The most basic lesson that I overlooked was my own failure to do my own Online Due Diligence; something that I had done for years and helped others do offline. Second, I initially succumbed to the temptation of the online wealth headlines. If they can make that kind of money, why can’t I? Finally, it became research, a challenge and a campaign to help others.

Internet User Handbook

A Comprehensive Guide to Avoid Online Scams While Doing Business Online
Whether YOU are Starting or Growing YOUR Business Online, our Extraordinary Handbook is a Must-Have Reference Tool for you!

WHY, because from my research, most guides, references, how-to, etc., oversimplify the process of doing business online.  Few site owners are business persons.  While some of the differences between offline and online businesses may be obvious, there are more similarities than the online scammers would have you believe.

Successful Business Owners have a MINDSET, a PASSION and COMMITMENT to their Business.

Our Internet Users Handbook was written based upon highly successful off-line business models to help PREPARE YOU and Your PLAN for Doing Business Online.

Online Scam Avoidance and Business Success is up to you, but we can help if you Take time to review the following Testimonials.

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Avoid Online Scams Testimonial 3 Avoid Online Scams Testimonial 3 Avoid Online Scams Testimonial 3
"I believe the manual should be required reading for anyone intending to do business, online or offline. As the saying goes: To be forewarned, is to be forearmed!"
Jerry Banberger
"Over the years as an Online Marketer, I came across the same problems that so many newbies come across, in their innocence, and by being naive to all the problems that exist in the Internet Jungle, books like yousr are very important, because they help guide the people past the potholes and the pothead scam artists who try to take advantage of people. Good Job!!!"
Alexander Baghdanov
"This comprehensive book (about 500 pages!) will open your eyes, no matter if you're a beginner or an experienced marketer. This extraordinary book will help you to reduce the risk of being scammed, educate you in recognising basic signs and methods of online scams. Last, but not least, after reading this book you'll be able to help and protect others against internet scams"
Marko Secko

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