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Chicago Sales Coach - Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Chicago Sales Coach  - Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Chicago Sales Coach - Leanne Hoagland-Smith
SMB coach, sales and organizational culture authority, Leanne Hoagland-Smith is the People and Process problem solver for forward thinking leadership who want to dramatically improve their business and sales results. What this looks like differs for each SMB and why a phone call to 219.759.5601219.508.2859 CDT USA makes sense especially if your business is in high growth and experiencing reptetitive problems.

Her book, Be the Red Jacket is a no-nonsense and quick read to help discover potential gaps that may be keeping you from your goal to increase sales. The forward is by Evan Carmichael of

Contact Information

Phone: 219.759.5601 CST



Address: 508 Sunshine Drive Valparaiso, In 46385.8748

"Leanne's delivery is natural and high engaging." Insurance Agency

"made concepts relevant to the real world." International Business Consultant

"...put a lot of thought into the presentation." Market Researcher

"Your passion and engaging styole led to a well-deserves standing ovation." National Health Consultant

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Credentials

Leanne has been recognized as a sales coach expert in media publications including a recent interview with NBiz Magazine on how to grow your business in a down economy.

Leanne is also recognized as a Chicago sales coach through weekly business column that she writes for the Post-Tribune.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Case Study

Entrepreneur Challenges: One of three small businesses not performing in a highly competitive market place.

Solution: Executive Leadership one on one coaching including some strategic planning and sales development.

Results: In 5 weeks, secured one sale that accounted for 6 months of sales during the same time the previous year.

An entrepreneur with three businesses desired to increase sales and profitability for one of those businesses focusing on promotional items. Due to commitments in the other two businesses and this specific business facing increased competitive pressure, the entrepreneur had hired an independent contractor to increase sales. However, sales still were lacking.

Leanne was asked to help increase sales including profitability and to help the entrepreneur achieve greater balance in the executive's personal life. Through executive one on one coaching coupled with some strategic planning actions and sales training and development, the entrepreneur increased focus on securing sales and negotiating better financial arrangements with the vendors.

These actions resulted in a significant sale within 5 weeks that accounted for 6 months of sales during the same time the previous year. Profitability also doubled as the entrepreneur decided to take proactive actions specific to financial arrangements with the vendor.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert E Books Written

"The 3 Missing Pieces to Organizational and Personal Success" - Many books on self improvement or finding the key to success fail to include these 3 missing pieces. This e-book is really a combination e-book and an e-workbook designed to help you get closer to the success that you want for yourself or your business.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Speaker Services

The words of Napoleon Hill speak very strongly to me when I deliver keynotes or speak for those special meetings or conferences. I believe that the words we choose have tremendous impact on listeners. The key is to have as much of an understanding of your audience and to be aware of your audience as you speak. I don't memorize keynotes, but rather speak from the heart and thread personal stories because people remember who you are first and what you said second.

Finding an effective and motivational speaker to enhance your next meeting, seminar, conference or scheduled retreat is a challenge. Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S., will help you meet that challenge by having your attendees smiling, learning and remembering. She has mastered the fundamentals of success and enjoys sharing these skills with others. As an author, business consultant, performance strategist, coach, teacher and instructional designer with a 25-year work history in business and education, Leanne brings her passion to help others improve their personal and organizational effectiveness. Her clients range from small business owners to Fortune 1000 companies. And, Leanne is now part of a national speaker's bureau.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Articles
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Business Marketing Beyond the Booth
Why Most Coaches Are The Gray Suits in the Sea of Sameness
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Partner Attitudes and Knowledge For Business and Sales Success
Small Business Success Partners Attitudes with Knowledge
Postcards and Stamps Are Far Cheaper Than Gas
Create Strategic Alliances with Other Business Coaches Can Increase Your Sales
Effective Networking Will Create Marketing Imitators But Not Marketing Innovators
The Secret to Success Begins By Not Being On Someone Elses Plan
Business Marketing Strategy that Double Results through 5 Simple Questions
As a Leader Choice Is In Your Control
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Your First Thoughts Each Day Will Determine Your Sales Results at Years End
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Business Tips for Securing a Positive ROI on Your Training and Education Dollars
Customer Loyalty Brand and Expectations
Taxes The Good News and the Bad News For Increasing Business Productivity
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Extraordinary Time Management Separates Extraordinary Performances from Everyone Else
Top 7 Tips to Reach Your Internet Article Marketing Goal of Submitting More Articles
Business Ethics and Values Are Not Here One Day and Gone the Next
How Managements Promotion Policies May Create Super Failures
Succession Leadership is the Success Lynch Pin for Individuals Businesses and Organizations
Is Your Weapon of Choice an Elephant Gun or a Fly Swatter to Increase Sales
An Attitude of Gratitude Is Every Day Not Just One Day
Business Improvement Motivation Sometimes Comes From the Most Unlikely Sources
Sales Help Through the Six Universal Funnel Laws for Businesses
How By Being in the Bottle Is Keeping You From Reading The Label and Growing Your Sales
Time Management Is the Apex of Goal Setting for Business and Personal Success
Translating Networking into Increased Business Dollars Growth Profits and Success
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 5 Work Your Plan
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 3 Assessments
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 7 Pay Yourself First
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 2 Work On Your Business
How Sales Is More About Playing the Odds Than You Might Think
Moments of Truth Are Potential Opportunities for Sales Success
How Unsolicited Emails Reveal How Not To Be a Top Sales Performer
How Too Many Coaches Are Marketing Using the Square Peg in the Round Hole Approach to Win More Sales
Increase Sales By Jazzing Up Energizing and Limiting the Words You Speak and Write
Increase Sales by Remembering Your Footprints in the Sands of Business
Think of Others First If You Want to Increase Sales
Why Is Building Customer Loyalty So Difficult
Increase Sales to Your Business By Consistent Excellent Customer Service
How to Win More Sales Is by Knowing Where to Find the Best Help
Executive Business Coaches Help You to See the Big Picture in Business and Yourself
5 Must Haves to Increase Sales for Business Executive or Sales Coaches
Improve Customer Service thru Professinalism that CATORs to All Your Clients
How to Improve Productivity May Require Changes in Behaviors to Increase Sales
Are You Ill from the Aint It Awful Sales Virus
Strategic Planning Must Include a Strategic Action Plan Filled with WAY SMART Goals
How By Answering These Three Questions Can Dramatically Improve Sales Training
How Sales Professionals Forget That Sales Are Personal Yet Cannot Be Personal
Developing a Marketing Funnel to Increase Sales and Work with You
In Sales Decision Making Has Implications
Top 7 Nos that Derail the Sales Process
Human Capital Talent Management Requires to Tell It Like It Is
No Struggle No Progress for Businesses or Individuals
Small Business Success The 21 Essential Pieces for Your Business Success Puzzle
How to Win More Sales in the Business Race to Be Number One
Let Go of What You Cannot Control to Increase Sales Reduce Stress
To Increase Sales May Just Be As Simple As Being In Your Office
Business Owners What Are Your Client Acquisition Costs
To Sell or To Educate That Is the Question Behind What Makes a Great Salesperson
Education Based Marketing Begins with a Compelling Marketing Message
To Grow Your Business Requires Closing the Gap Between Sales and Customer Service
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 4 Strategic Plan
Win More Sales By Thinking Like a NFL Team
Increase Sales Coaching Tip Understand How the Nos Get You Closer to the Yesses
WAY SMART Goals Expand into Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Is Now a Must Have to Increase Sales
Three Questions to Increase Sales to Improve Your Business Results and Business Success
How Top Sales Performers Stay Ahead of the Flow to Increase Sales
Great Salesmanship Combined with Great Authorship Will Increase Sales Results
3 Time Management Tips in How To Do More With the Same Amount of Time
How to Craft an Engaging Message That Highlights What You Do to Increase Sales
How to Improve Sales Training Programs with this One Word
Simply Speaking Increase Sales By Remembering Qualified Sales Leads Are a TwoWay Street
Simply Speaking 12 Questions to Increase Sales
Simply Speaking Why Many Sales Training Programs Do Not Produce Results
Do You Have the 3As in Sales Behaviors to Secure Todays Competitive Advantage
Increase Sales in Todays Global Marketplace Demands Personal Accountability
Improve Your Sales Training By Changing Fuel
Does Your Sales Training Program Pass or Fail the Rope Test
Efficient and Effective Are Partners to Increase Sales
Change Your Sales Role and Become an Assistant to the Buyer Your Prospect
Business Coach Do You Employ the Yard by Yard or Inch by Inch Methodology to Master Success
How to Win More Sales
Just By Answering Your Telephone Can Increase Sales
3 Strategies to Achieve an Effective and Responsive Sales and Service Culture
How Successful Sales Conversions and Article Writing Share One Common and Critical Characteristic
The Fork of Customer Service Can Determine Sales Success
What Is the Most Effective Quality Within Your Sales Team
10 Summer or Anytime Quick Sales Coaching Tips
Want more sales Who doesnt Have you considered introducing new products or services to demonstrate that you are truly listening to your loyal customers
How Employees Are Your Greatest Asset in Building Loyal Customers
Customer Service That Delights and Delivers Loyal Customers
Increase Sales By Dropping the Excuses Now
Marketing The Misunderstood Child within the Sales Process
Top 7 Sales Skills to Increase Sales in 2009 Regardless of the Economy
Sales Training Is Much More About Great Attitudes than Superior Sales Skills
How to Increase Sales Is By Keeping Head on the Challenge Heart on Prize and Hands in Action
Overcoming Sales Objections Made Easier
Why Is the Chief People Officer Missing from the CSuite
Leverage Your Business Lunches To Maximize Your Sales Results
Sales Coaching Tip Do Not Confuse Activity with Sales Results
Sales Coaching Tip Change Your Role to Increase Sales
Sales Coaching Tip Widen the Why Gap between Gains and Losses to Increase Sales
How Just One AMP Can Increase Sales
Dramatically Improved Sales Begins By Being that Red Jacket in the Sea of Gray Suits
A Simple Approach to Improved Sales Stop Telling to Get More Selling
Selling Success Marries the Sales Approach to a Proven Process
Sales Coaching Tip Stop Confusing Motion with Progress to Increase Sales
Coaches Do Your Sales Skills and Behaviors Adversely Affect Your Goal to Increase Sales
Are You Firing On Your Prospects In Your Quest to Increase Sales
How The Cost of New Business Sales Leads Can Improve Profits While You Continue To Increase Sales
How I Dont Know Can Increase Sales Build Customer Loyalty
Marketing Not Your Specialty Try this Affordable Plan within Your Strategic Plan
Customer Loyalty Begins With Meeting Customers Needs Even If They Are Contrary to the Strategic Plan
Scout with a Plan to Increase Sales
Business Management May Turn Super Workers into Super Failures
Achieve Inside Out Results through an Executive Business Coach
Employees Poor Performance Is A Matter of History Where 60 Is Viewed as Success
Small Business Owners Where Is the Source for Your Success
Fear of Success Keeps Many From Traveling the Road to Success
Win More Sales Using An Effective Sales Approach that Includes Small Steps and Giant Leaps
How A Doubting Thomas Affects Your Ability to Increase Sales
Business Goal Setting is More About Your Own Goal Achievement and Your Own Action Plan For Success
Internet Marketing Web Design and Development Businesses Exceptional Customer Service is the Name of the Game
Improved Sales Training Stop Selling Your Products and Start Selling Your Results to Get Customers
Selling from the Page Is the New Social Media Marketing Behavior
Social Media and Customer Service How The Disconnect Continues
How Referral Marketing Appears to Be Quid Pro Quo
Sales Success Can Be Just as Simple as the Words You Think Speak or Wirte
Are You Selling Pennies Dollars or Value
Not Hiring a Business Coach Executive Coach or Corporate Coach is Costing You Thousands of Dollars
Make the Switch From Selling to Educating to Increase Sales Conversion Rate
Small Business Help What Makes You Different or What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition
How to Increase Sales Is Process Driven and Begins with Existing Customers Not New Ones
Start Managing Using Your Sales Teams Talents Stop Focusing on Their Weaknesses
Proven Business Building Success Formula for Building Customer Loyalty
Bad Business Profits Are Not the Way To Increase Sales
Increase Sales by Selling Sustainable Solutions that Deliver Measurable Results instead of Benefits
Sustainable Business Change Begins With First Beliefs and then Attitudes
Yes You Can Win More Sales By Breaking This Rule
Customer Service Take Your Fear of The Competition Turn It Around to Generate Incredible Results
Sales Success Begins with Defining What You Value To Better Understand What Motivates You
Sales Success Begins with Defining What You Value
Stop By All That Business Your Are Driving By If You Want to Increase Sales
How to Take the Brrr out of Cold Calling
Business Teleconferencing Networking The Up and Coming Business Trend
How A Simple Visual Can Determine Why You Cannot Achieve Your Goal To Increase Sales
How You May Be Losing Sales Because You Are Pushing Your Prospects Instead of Letting Them Pull You
How Marketing Today Is Much Like 2500 Years Ago
Speaking Can Increase Sales If You are A Business Coach or Business Consultant
Knowing Your Internet Numbers Is Your Bread and Butter Plus A Whole Lot More
Increase Sales by Focusing on Qualified Prospects Who Turn into Loyal Customers
Leadership Beliefs Are the Initial Gap
How to Become the 1 Author in an Internet Article Marketing Category in 7 Steps
Top 7 Steps for Formatting Your Articles if Internet Article Marketing is a Key Marketing Strategy
Top 7 Steps to Increase Article Writing Speed if Internet Marketing Is A Key Marketing Strategy
Exceptional Business Leaders Know How to Find and Read the Signs Do You
Strategic Planning Transports Business Owners From Sea Level to See Level to See the Bigger Picture
Self Improvement Motivation Sometimes Comes From the Most Unlikely Sources
What is Passion
Small Business Success Commitment One Piece of the Puzzle
2007 May be the Break Out year for Business Coaching
Increase Sales By Energizing Your Message
Is Your Sales Message Is Sending the Wrong Message
Increase Sales by Demonstrating an I Love to Meet Strangers Sales Skill 247
How Always Be Closing in Sales Focuses Your Energies in the Wrong Direction
Business Success Means Leveraging The Success Advantage Factor Through 3 Capacities
How Sales Managers Can Make Meetings Sales Teams Far More Productive with this One Strategy
How to Change the Leadership Myth
Dramatically Increase Sales Stop the Talk Learn How to Begin to Ask the Right Questions
Focus Your Marketing On What You Do Well To Increase Sales While Avoiding the 500 Failure
How to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs Using These Simple Sales Coaching Tips
Are Business Networking Referrals Critical Business Strategies Within Your Strategic Plan
Simply Speaking Why Many Sales Training Programs Do Not Work
Invest a Little More Time and Easily Win More Sales
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 6 Invest in Your People
Change Management Utilizes Beliefs Statements as Effective Tools for Change
How Failing Business Etiquette 101 May Be Your First Obstacle to Increase Sales
Master Success By Having an Open Mind to All Those Possibilities
A Strategic Plan Works With You to Allay Your Fear of Success
How Small Business Coaches Are Missing the Boat
What Is In Your Marketing Tool Box and Are Those Tools Delivering You Sharp Sales
Life Success Begins By Understanding Where You Are
The Answer to What Business Are You In Just May Boost Your Bottom Line Results
Business Success Begins By Partnering Attitudes with Knowledge
Business Results Begins By Developing A Compelling Vision To Communicate Why You Are In Business
Small Business Marketing The Booth and Beyond
How Are You Inspiring Your Value For Business and Personal Success
Validation A Necessary Skill for Business and Personal Success
Selling is About Sales First and Foremost
Is Executive Coaching For You
What Business Are You In
The ACCOUNTABILITY Challenge for Todays Entrepreneur
Managers Where Are Your Ethics
Business Coach or Executive Coach These are the Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Pricing Schedule
What Are the 7 Top Do Nots If You Want to Be An Extraordinary Business Coach
Your Companys Value in Your Strategic Action Plan is
Emotions the Key to Increase Sales
Great Leadership Is Admitting What You Do Not Know and Thus Avoid Becoming A Victim
Telling Aint Selling
Are You Suffering From Sales Rage
Lose the Staples and Increase Sales
Increase sales through Story Telling
Executive Coaching or Sales Coaching Is Not New Because It Is an Almost 2500 Year Old Proven Process
What Is In Your Wallet
What Fork Will You Take to Increase Sales
The Denial Lens Is Not Good For Small Business
It Takes GRIT to Win More Sales
How to Win More Sales by Not Being Like Everyone Else
You Can Win More Sales by Accepting Working with Change Than Denying It
How to Become the A Plus Professional Salesperson Who Wins More Sales
Coaching Credentials The Low Down
What is Your Level of Awareness
Professional Services Win More Sales by Educating Instead of Telling
Out With the Old and In With the New To Increase Sales
Stop Spewing the Sale and Start Sharing Your Exceptional Value
How to Stop Suffering From I Hate to Sell But I Need to Pay My Bills
Leave the Island of Aint It Awful to Increase Sales
Ethical Leadership A Must for Customer Loyalty
How to Shift From Fat Nice to Lean Mean to Increase Sales
Sales Training Should Cost You Nothing Nada Zip
Win More Sales by Sharing Instead of Selling
More Sales Means Less Confusion
How the Choices You Make Will Determine Your Sales Results
Top 7 Ways to Increase Sales Regardless of the Economy
The Race to Success by Cheryl A Clausen
How One Moment of Truth Builds Customer Loyalty through the Behaviors of Your Employees
How Being a Professional In Sales Will Directly Increase Sales
Secret Shoppers and Moments of Truth Build Customer Loyalty
Business Ethics Cannot Ignore the 800 Gorilla
In Sales You Receive What You Pay to Receive
What Do You Need to Do To Move Your Sales Team To That Next Level
Increase Sales Means You Must Confront Those 800 Gorillas
Revisit the Past to Increase Future Sales
Sales Victim or Sales Victor
Increase Sales By Being One of the Few and Not One of the Many
How to Use the Honeymoon Approach To Increase Sales
Increase Sales By Overcoming Repetitive Habits
Social Networking a Proven New Way to Build Your Business Increase Sales
Boorish Behaviors Are Todays Common Business Behaviors
Learning Required to Grow Your Business If You Wish to Increase Sales
Down Times Are the Best Time for Business Innovation
Autonomy A Key Element in Sustainable Sales Training
Sales Are You Up for the Challenge
Succession Leadership Todays Tomorrows Sales Management Challenge
To Increase Sales You Must Separate The What from the How
No Business Card Simply Means No Business
How You May Be the White Rabbit in Sales and Losing More Than Just Time
Use This Simple 3 Circle Strategy To Increase Sales
How Fear of the Competition May Potentially Keep You From Your Goal To Increase Sales
Market First Sell Second to Increase Sales in 2011
How the Long Tail Can Be Your Best Marketing Friend in Getting Customers
Dramatically Improve Customer Loyalty By Flawlessly Executing the Basics
Is Your Goal to Increase Sales A Wish or Something More
An Uncertain Trumpet Makes Only Noise and Will Not Deliver Your Business Results
Is Your Technology Solutions Destroying Customer Loyalty
Be the Change You Need to Be to Increase Sales
Being Financially Fit Is Only Part of the Equation to Increase Sales
Why Radio Listeners Listen to Commercials May Be Your Competitive Sales Advantage
Messy Business Cards Are Not How to Increase Sales
A Proven Sales Process Should Educate First and Entertain a Distant Third
Time Management Must Be Connected to Your Goals
Why Do Kids Sell Better Than Adults
Top 7 Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners When Joining a Business Networking Referral Group
How to Be True to the Purpose of Professional Business Cards in Todays Business Marketplace
Increase Sales By No Longer Being the Toad in the Road
Effective Sales Training Looks At Time as An Investment Not a Cost
Increase Sales Through That Third Contact and Beyond
How to Hit the Grand Slam Increase Sales Win More Clients and Reduce Costs
Education Based Marketing A Case Study Where $50 Delivers $5000 Sale and a Free Lunch
Winning in Prospecting to Increase Sales
Are You One of Those Coaches Who Engage in Overkill
Effective Using Social Media of LinkedIn the 5 Top Dos and Do Nots
How to Better Qualify Prospects to Increase Sales
Masterminding and Strategic Partnership Can Increase Sales for Business Coaches
Assess Are You a Victim or a Victor
How to Increase Sales Starts with Embracing a Just Another 10 Belief
Education Based Marketing Writing Are Natural Partners to Increase Sales
Selfmotivation a Hidden Benefit Within the Strategic Planning Process For Any Business
Increase Sales by Building a Comprehensive Profile for Each of Your Loyal Customers
Coaching Your Business To The Next Level Series Part 8 Work Life Balance
How the One to Three Speaking Ratio Can Dramatically Increase Sales
How to Win More Sales Must Include the Answer to this Simple Question
Increase Sales by Removing the Boulders on the Sales Path to Your Front Door
How Public Acknowledgement of Poor Quality Can Increase Sales
Does Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts Reflect the 21st Century On Line Home Seekers
Business Plan Why Doesnt Your Business Plan Consistently Deliver Your Desired Results
How by Being Captain Focus It Instead of CaptainWing It Will Increase Sales Even When Cold Calling
Qualifying New Business Sales Lead How Do You Do It to Increase Sales

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  Supporters: Thank you Sharon Galor of Toronto Salsa Lessons / Classes for your suggestions to make the newsletter look like the website and profile younger entrepreneurs like Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs! 
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