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Phone: 219.759.5601 CST

Email: sales@processspecialist.com

Website: http://www.processspecialist.com

Address: 508 Sunshine Drive Valparaiso, In 46385.8748

"Leanne's delivery is natural and high engaging." Insurance Agency

"made concepts relevant to the real world." International Business Consultant

"...put a lot of thought into the presentation." Market Researcher

"Your passion and engaging styole led to a well-deserves standing ovation." National Health Consultant

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Credentials

Leanne has been recognized as a sales coach expert in media publications including a recent interview with NBiz Magazine on how to grow your business in a down economy.

Leanne is also recognized as a Chicago sales coach through weekly business column that she writes for the Post-Tribune.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Case Study

Entrepreneur Challenges: One of three small businesses not performing in a highly competitive market place.

Solution: Executive Leadership one on one coaching including some strategic planning and sales development.

Results: In 5 weeks, secured one sale that accounted for 6 months of sales during the same time the previous year.

An entrepreneur with three businesses desired to increase sales and profitability for one of those businesses focusing on promotional items. Due to commitments in the other two businesses and this specific business facing increased competitive pressure, the entrepreneur had hired an independent contractor to increase sales. However, sales still were lacking.

Leanne was asked to help increase sales including profitability and to help the entrepreneur achieve greater balance in the executive's personal life. Through executive one on one coaching coupled with some strategic planning actions and sales training and development, the entrepreneur increased focus on securing sales and negotiating better financial arrangements with the vendors.

These actions resulted in a significant sale within 5 weeks that accounted for 6 months of sales during the same time the previous year. Profitability also doubled as the entrepreneur decided to take proactive actions specific to financial arrangements with the vendor.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert E Books Written

"The 3 Missing Pieces to Organizational and Personal Success" - Many books on self improvement or finding the key to success fail to include these 3 missing pieces. This e-book is really a combination e-book and an e-workbook designed to help you get closer to the success that you want for yourself or your business.

Chicago Sales Coach Expert Speaker Services

The words of Napoleon Hill speak very strongly to me when I deliver keynotes or speak for those special meetings or conferences. I believe that the words we choose have tremendous impact on listeners. The key is to have as much of an understanding of your audience and to be aware of your audience as you speak. I don't memorize keynotes, but rather speak from the heart and thread personal stories because people remember who you are first and what you said second.

Finding an effective and motivational speaker to enhance your next meeting, seminar, conference or scheduled retreat is a challenge. Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S., will help you meet that challenge by having your attendees smiling, learning and remembering. She has mastered the fundamentals of success and enjoys sharing these skills with others. As an author, business consultant, performance strategist, coach, teacher and instructional designer with a 25-year work history in business and education, Leanne brings her passion to help others improve their personal and organizational effectiveness. Her clients range from small business owners to Fortune 1000 companies. And, Leanne is now part of a national speaker's bureau.

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