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“After 20+ years in Corporate America, I made the decision that I was going to start my own business or buy a franchise within 18 months. As a result, I was committed to finding the “right” person – one that I could really trust – to help me transition into the entrepreneurial world. After interviewing several business brokers and franchise consultants, I was introduced to Anne Barr of Venture Opportunities, Inc. by a very good friend who purchased a franchise thru her in 2005. I found Anne to be a refreshing change, to say the least, from the other business or franchise brokers that I had been introduced to previously. Anne’s screening process was very thorough and allowed me to sift thru hundreds of opportunities and focus on the ones that really matched my personality and goals. Within 7 months, Anne and I had carefully evaluated approximately 15 franchises and businesses and I finally selected Mr. Handyman! It was the perfect match for me and we opened “Mr. Handyman of the Park Cities” on Monday, October 30, 2006! I would highly recommend Anne to anyone who is considering making a career transition so she can assist you with the process." - David S. – New Franchise Buyer

“I purchased a franchise with the assistance of Anne Barr and I am very happy with my choice. Anne, a local franchise consultant, was essential in helping guide me through the franchise research and selection process. Her experience in the franchise industry added to my comfort level and allowed me to make an informed decision without feeling pressured or overwhelmed." - Kelly F. – New Franchise Buyer

“Without Anne and David Barr, I would not have bought my first business. They understand that every buyer has different needs in order to complete each deal. They go above and beyond in meeting the buyer's needs in getting the contract signed and closed. An example of this is when they spent a Friday evening driving around town gathering signatures, making sure the contract got signed. It was a very difficult transaction due to the extensive negotiations required. To this day, I am still amazed at how they got the deal completed. If the seller had chosen another broker, the seller would still be trying to sell the business. I am now working on buying a second and third business through Anne and David. They have been instrumental in assisting me in this process as well--They know what it takes for a buyer to secure financing, and assist in getting the required paperwork to the lender. If I ever decide to sell my business, I know where I am going for my broker." - Wesley H. – Franchise Buyer

Dallas Franchise Consultant Expert Services For Potential Franchisees

The Goal: minimize risks - maximize return.

Isn’t this what everyone wants to do when making an investment or owning a business? Finding the right fit is key to achieving this goal because if it’s the right fit, you’re happy and excited about your business venture and the likelihood of you being successful is dramatically increased. You need a professional matchmaker, coach, and business advisor to minimize your risk and maximize your return. We are ready to assist you!

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available. We can help you narrow the field. We will look at your personality, skill sets, your personal and financial goals, and exit strategies and introduce you to franchises that will be a good fit for you. We will also help guide you through the research process of buying a franchise. And best of all...there is no charge for our services.

What Does A Franchise Consultant Do?

  • Screen franchises for you by doing extensive due diligence so you don’t waste your time researching businesses that don’t validate
  • Screen you for franchisors by finding out about your personality type, values, skill sets, financial capability and interests
  • Our approach to making a franchise selection stresses education, research and finding the match that will make you want to get up and go to work everyday
  • Coach you through the research process so you get all the answers, and can make decisions based on facts, not just perceptions

Franchise Consultant Facts:

  • Compensated by franchisors if and when a client buys a franchise and you can’t be charged more for our involvement
  • Franchisors work through consultants because we find them the best potential franchisee candidates…business people like you who have a high chance of success
  • Anne Barr is experienced and knowledgeable about new and emerging franchises as well as the more mature ones
  • Anne may introduce you to a franchise concept you would never find on your own

Why not use a Franchise Consultant or Specialist? It will only cost you some time and efforts. A Franchise Consultant or Specialist can also help you steer clear or work through common roadblocks such as Fear – Doubt – Worry. These are huge roadblocks to any major decision in life.

Dallas Franchise Consultant Expert Services For Franchisors

Anne Barr, Franchise Opportunity Specialist, works with numerous franchisors to expand their brand. We work locally in Texas, regionally in the Southwest, and nationally. We understand that every franchise has unique needs when it comes to expansion. Franchisors should not settle for a “one size fits all” approach. Franchise Opportunity Specialist has the knowledge and experience necessary to develop a customized sales plan for each Franchisor. We do not work like your typical group of franchise brokers/consultants. Whether you are looking for a “Franchise Director” to handle all of the day-to-day marketing and lead qualifications for your opportunity or you are simply looking for a way to generate more qualified leads in target markets, Franchise Opportunity Specialist may be the answer.

We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs including:

  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • DFW Franchise Expo
  • Regional Seminars featuring specific franchises
  • Local seminars featuring specific franchises
  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification
  • FDD Disclosure

Because of our unique approach, we only work with franchise companies we feel confident in representing. Criteria we look for in Companies we represent:

  • Unique concept
  • Reasonable start-up costs
  • Strength of management team
  • Desire for brand expansion
  • Satisfied franchisees
  • Competitive opportunity
  • Ability to support franchisees

We DO NOT look for:

  • A minimum number of existing franchisees
  • A minimum number of years in franchising
  • Certain industries

We work on a success fee basis. We get paid when we provide results. We do not charge retainer fees.

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