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Leadership Training and Consulting

<?=$expertWords?>Building leadership takes more than business training. It takes commitment from every level of an organization to continuous improvement efforts.

Successful organizations realize that developing effective communication skills through management training seminars can play a key role in creating a leadership culture.

Achieve breakthrough results with Jim and his team of experts. Increase morale and performance levels with strategic process management and leadership development. See below for an overview of our custom consulting services.

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Organization Improvement and Customized Consulting Services

The CLEMMER Group is a specialized "training and consulting boutique" building off Jim's work. Jim and his small group of handpicked associates have many decades of very successful hands-on experience. The CLEMMER Group carefully selects it's small core of training and coaching associates to deliver superior organization and leadership development to all our Clients.

The CLEMMER Group has helped organizations:

  • Boost revenues
  • Streamline operations to reduce costs
  • Boost customer service and quality levels
  • Define and strengthen organizational values and culture
  • Build and deliver (using a Train the Trainer approach) highly customized culture, health and safety, and leadership development programs
  • Turn around failing operations
  • Identify and remove organizational/team barriers
  • Increase morale and performance levels
  • Build stronger management teams

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Customized Leadership Training Seminars and Practical Workshops

For almost thirty years, Jim Clemmer’s practical leadership approaches have been inspiring action and achieving results. His 2,000 plus presentations and workshops/retreats, six best-selling books, columns, and newsletters are helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide because they are inspiring, instructive, and refreshingly fun. And most of all…because they work!

Jim is constantly distilling his exhaustive research, extensive experience, and collection of best practices into easily understood, highly energizing, and practical applications. His leadership workshops is so popular because it inspires action and provides "how-to" steps that — when used as directed — dramatically boost results.

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Leadership Training and Consulting Testimonials

"Great insights into leadership skills!"

Peter Thorn, Vice President, Claims, HB Group Insurance

"Balances his practical experience with extensive and rigorous research energized with Jim's enthusiastic and engaging presentation skills."

Jack Zenger, co-founder Zenger Miller

"You will walk away with something that will make you a better leader."

Allan Vanderwolf, District Manager, Purolator Courier

"Jim provides the 'coaches' huddle to take action at your workplace and life."

Devy Breda, AV Systems Specialist, Mulvey & Banani International Inc.

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