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Freecall (Australia): 1800 680 993

Fax: 02 9332 6095 (Int.) +61 2 9332 6095 (virtual fax service)

Email: casey@caseygollan.com.au

Website: http://www.caseygollan.com.au/

Address: Casey G Pty. Ltd, Level 1 Office 3, 155 King William Road, Hyde Park, SA 5061, Australia

Melbourne Business Coaching - AE

"My Business Has Grown From $240,000 to Over $3 Million. My Goal Was To Be A Millionaire By The Time I Was 40, With Casey's Help I Did It By 33. Then I Sold The Business For 7 Figures. Casey You're A Legend!"

The Facts:
Was at $240,000 turnover per annum, working a 'zillion ' hours, earning little or no money. Wife had just had their first baby boy. Arthur was admitted to hospital and spent four days 'on-a-drip'. Doctors released him from hospital saying his illness was caused by stress.

Arthur needed to earn more money and get control back over his life. Wanted help to grow his business to achieve the potential he felt the business had. Was worried about spending 'a lot' of money with Casey. Talked with wife and decided to do it.

The Results:
Grew from $240,000 to in excess of $3 million. Systemised business. Marketing. Staff recruitment. Life has changed. Significant property portfolio. Goal was to be a millionaire at 40, achieved it at age 33.

"Work with Casey Gollan, he's the best " - Melbourne-Business-Coaching-AE


Melbourne Business Coaching - PB

"We Grew From $3 Million to $6 Million Without Me Having To Work In The Business. My Team Runs It. If Your Dream Is Being Financially Secure, Free of Stress, Spending Time With Your Family, Doing The Things You Enjoy & Buying What You Want...Then Casey Is The Person You Should Be Taking On."

The Facts:
Peter Bot is the owner of A1 Blinds in Melbourne. He has been running A1 Blinds for 12 years.

Peter was working 6 days a week, and with a young family wanted to step back and spend some time at home. The business was turning over around $3 Million per annum.

Peter met Casey and Casey convinced him that he could spend more time away from the business with his family.

The Results:
After just 2 weeks Peter freed himself from the business, and immediately went from 6 days work to just one morning per week. (Yes, just one morning per week of work).

Peter trained up his competent staff, and they successfully ran the business. That meant Peter was able to take holidays, and have some 'dream-toys' that owning a successful profitable business allows.

What wasn't mentioned in the interviews is that since Peter stepped out of the day to day running of the business, A1 Blinds has grown by around $1.5 Million per annum.

Peter is passionate about A1 Blinds and now works when he chooses.

"Work with Casey. He's the one with the proven track record and experience. He is the man you need to work with." - Melbourne-Business-Coaching-PB


Melbourne Business Coaching - DF

"I'm Very Happy With Our Business Growth. Working With Casey Added An Extra $15,000 Profit Per Month To Our Business' Bottom Line. We Now Have Excellent Staff, A Great Culture And We Won A Prestigious Customer Service Award." - Dan Furlan, Barwon Computer Solution"

The Facts:
In business for 21 years. 'Done' all sorts of books, seminars and worked with all types of consultants and a business coach. But needed help to reach targets.

The business had been in a downturn. There were staff headaches. Needed more profit and direction. Wanted to achieve business potential. Dan worked with Casey for 2 1/2 years.

The Results:
Added extra $15K profit per month, much higher than Dan and his team thought was achievable. Rid of staff hassles. Team now working well. Direction, focus and marketing plan in place. Great 'vibe' in the business.

Won the prestigious Achiever Award for Victorian Best Computer Operation for Customer Service in 2004.

"Casey was the best business growth consultant I've ever worked with." - Melbourne-Business-Coaching-DF


Melbourne Business Coaching - CH

"Our Business Has Tripled. We've Grown From $1 Million To $3+ Million. Now That We Have The People And The Systems In Place, We Can Role Out Our Marketing Plan And Grow By Another $7 Million In The Next Few Years."

The Facts:
Carl Hussell is an owner and CEO of Quantec Solutions. Quantec Solutions started in 1999 by supplying welding and engineering supplies to the manufacturing industry.

Carl and his team had grown the business from scratch to $1 million per annum, and knew that he needed some help to continue growing. He looked for around 2 years for a business coach, business mentor or someone to help him grow his business.

He had heard lots of good things about Casey Gollan, The Business Growth Specialist , and chose to work with him.

The Results:
Carl worked with Casey for about 3 years, added in excess of $2 Million per annum to the business. This growth resulted from working on implementing systems and team training.

Now that the people and systems are in place, the marketing and sales focus is expected to grow the business by another $7 Million in the next few years.

"If you're looking for a Business Growth Specialist, work with Casey. He's definitely the best." - Melbourne-Business-Coaching-CH


Melbourne Business Coaching Expert Solution

This is how I have worked with every one of the business I have worked with over my career to get the hundreds of millions in business growth track record I have.

My method works a treat.

On my one-on-one program, clients pay me monthly in advance (just like you'd pay rent).

You and I will work over the phone and via the internet. That way you and I can both e-mail the appropriate documents to each other as we speak. It's effective and efficient.

If you'd like to work face to face, consider this question. "Would you like your business to work without you having to be there?" If your answer is yes - then please follow my 'method' as it may be a little foreign, but it works.

Technology, when used wisely, decreases the need for travel. However, if you'd like to and if geography permits we can meet prior to starting.

Then if we both are comfortable we can make a time to get started.

Once under way, we'll work primarily over the phone. I have my formula 'down-pat' so you may be surprised at how much we'll cover and how effective you'll be following my formula.

The typical structure is this. You'll have a 'time' that usually goes for 1 hour (more or less depending on your situation) on a set day each week. For example, every Tuesday at 11 am to 12pm (ish).

Once we're working we'll work out a time and day that suits both you and me. And we'll stick to it.

Outside of that structured 'time' you are free to call, email, fax me anything you want me to look at or comment on - within 'reason'. I keep my client numbers low to give great service, which of course means that I'm priced higher than other coaches - which I'm sure you'd expect from someone that's added hundreds of millions to businesses.

If time permits I'll respond straight away or if I'm busy I'll get back to you.

I work weekly, not fortnightly or monthly. I've tried it all over the years - weekly works best. Humans like to 'put-things-off' so the weekly contact produces the best success.

Melbourne Business Coaching Expert Services

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Melbourne Business Coaching Expert Differentiation

I'm a big believer in you choosing the coach and/or consultant that you really feel is right for you and your business. I am only after the right clients for me, and I'm sure you're only after the right coach for you.

That being said, here are a few pointers that in addition to the previous question and answers, you can consider.

Results: Other coaches just won't have the level of results I have achieved. If they have, I recommend working with them.

Experience & Innovation:
Most coaches have bought a franchise, or have come from another business or a management role and have decided to coach. I have only done one thing in my career - business coaching. I started this business in 1996. I helped start and shape business coaching here in Australia early in my career. And I have evolved and innovated in that time.

Individually Tailored Programs: I know my stuff and I can quickly work out a business so I tailor my work specifically for you, your business, your industry, your market and your situation. Others follow a 'system', modules and/or franchise documents that can't quickly sum up what your business needs. Instead of growing your business you end up follow their system - which may or may not be right for you.

Skillset: Many coaches call themselves 'Business Coaches' yet they only focus on two or three areas (namely sales and marketing). I cover a lot more than that. With the experience, results and time in business I have pretty big bag of tools that spans all facets of a business. So I can tell you what you need to do, why you need to do it and what will happen if you do or don't do it and how it will effect other areas of your business.

To get a great idea of everything I cover fill in your details to get my 'Business Growth Formula' video- it's at the top right hand side of this page (and every page on my website).

You work with me: Normally you can't 'get to' someone of my experience and skill. Business people with my skill and experience build their business to have a team of people around them - so you'd have to work with employees or franchisees.

I'm different.

Essentially I'm a teacher first and an entreprenuer second and I love working with people - so I keep space free to work with great people.

Proprietary Methods: I have also developed my own proprietary approach, methods and strategies for business growth. You will not find these approaches anywhere else. They are unique and exclusive to me and my business.

Personality: I'm laid back and easy going, so I'm easy to work with.

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