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Small Business Branding Coach

One-on-one branding coaching to take your brand from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Branding Coaching may be for you if:

  • You want focused, customized, personalized coaching
  • You want to fill in the gap between your business vision and plans and your brand reality
  • You feel unconfident about your brand’s message or look and you want to know how to turn that around
  • You want to clean up the mess in your branding and make everything consistent
  • You’re ready to package and position your intangible, invisible services to add value, to support raising your prices
  • You already have a graphic designer, and want a strategic, effective and inviting brand strategy to back up their work
  • You know your branding could use some help and you don’t know what to do


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Small Business Strategic Branding Design

I design brand-new brands and I work with existing brands to polish, perfect and extend them. I am a one-stop branding shop: I create identity designs (logos, stationery kits), print designs and I design and code online designs

Strategic Branding Design may be right for you if:

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  • You’re tired of working with designers who don’t “get it” on the business side of things
  • You’re ready to uplevel your brand and take your look to the next level
  • You want to create designs that will speak to your ideal clients
  • You want to work with a designer who understands small business, internet marketing and customer psychology
  • You want your brand to look “put together” – consistent, gorgeous and sophisticated
  • You’re ready to grow your brand family with a new program, event, product, mastermind group, or something else and you want to make sure they relate
  • You want to change something in your brand without confusing your clients or losing the reputation you’ve already built
  • You’re serious about making more sales and money with your brand

Design services are available on a per-project basis or on a monthly retainer.

I invite you to contact me today to talk about your Strategic Branding Design.

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Small Business Brand Coaching and Consulting

I believe that fabulous branding is full of contrast and balance, dot-connecting and gap-bridging… between:

  • Business planning and brand design
  • Structure and inspiration
  • Strategy and creativity
  • Client and business owner
  • Profit and passion
  • Invitation and case-making
  • Left-brain and right-brain
  • Rules and rulebreaking
  • Universal appeal and difference-showing
  • Communication and compelling
  • Meaning and emotion
  • Form and function

Now, I’ve worked with over 450 small businesses to package their intangible, invisible services into understandable, desirable and purchasable brands.

I’ve been working “behind the scenes” with clients in the brand coaching, consulting, info-marketing and online marketing worlds for the last 8 years… making them successful.

  • I coach on branding.
  • I work with brilliant business owners to shore up their business plans and bring them to life through their brands.
  • I help business owners who like to evolve and expand their businesses to transform their brands and take them to the next level.
  • I design powerful brand identites that appeal to your ideal clients.
  • I create brand strategies that invite your clients in instead of repelling them with icky marketing tactics.

If you think that sounds intriguing – that you’d like to have a creative, strategic brain on your side to get results through your brand… you should contact me.

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Small Business Branding Coach Testimonials
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"Having a brand and an image that speaks for itself makes my “job” in selling who I am and what I do so much easier."

Kristin Ecklund
Spiritual Healer and Channel

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"Erin’s strategic brand designs for my company, products and programs have made my company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years."

Kelly O’Neil
Kelly O’Neil International, The Ignite Program, Marketing to Millionaires

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"This woman is a genius! Not only did my investment in her pay off, it will change the trajectory of my business."

Gina Hiatt
Finish Agent

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