Farhad Dordar

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When we are young our visions are quite different from when we are older. Though I have been on an amazing journey since I was twelve, I haven't put faith in numbers when it comes to age. My belief that each moment of our lives is a new beginning has allowed me to possess an innovative mentality in my endeavours. I am very much deeply involved in my journey and this has made me very confident in who I am and what I have to share with my followers around the world.

As in most sports, I believe that there is a championship in life. Considering how frequently we encounter obstacles that require courage, self-discipline, self-confidence, knowledge and will-power, it is a process of victories and defeats. We all want victories in our lives, so we should learn to face the obstacles that lay before us without hesitation. We must own our obstacles, lest they own us.

By starting my first martial arts school at the age of 21, I was able to found the basis for my future as a mentor of all the values found in martial arts. I have been working for 39 years since, involved in many different sports, studying many new styles of martial arts, and participating in many international courses and educational programs. By constantly studying and researching valuable areas such as general management, business management, psychology, physiology, human anatomy, communications, biomechanics, and the elements of mind, body and spirit (holistic fitness), I have been able to create a step-by-step self-improvement program based on my knowledge. This program conveys a life of dedicated research by conveniently depicting how my students and followers can improve their lifestyles through martial arts training. Students will learn how to recognize important benefits and values such as confidence, discipline, self-control, patience, leadership and goal-setting. How these values can come from martial arts training and become implemented into a human lifestyle at any age group for both males and females is one of our major elements.

Grand Master Farhad Dordar
President of World Sport Kickboxing Federation
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