Home Business Scams, Lies, and Flat-Out B.S.

Home business scams, lies, and flat-out BS is what drives me absolutely haywire! I get tired of having to put on my HazMat suit to wade through these mangy scams everyday. Anything I do whether it be email, submitting an article, advertising, blogging, etc...I get bombarded with so much dung heap crap opportunities that I want to jump off of a 2 foot high bridge.

Seriously, how in the world do we attract anyone into our program(s) while they get lost in utter confusion with the marketing viruses and lies out there? Honesty. I know many marketers have no idea what in the world the word means, but it can go along way in developing a relationship. B.S. may make a quick sell, but to build residual, long-lasting income, you have to build trust.

If I signed up and joined every "$454646546 in one week", Bill Gates would be my secretary because I would make so much loot. It is these types of shakedowns that keep very good and bright people from ever prevailing in the home business world. They may have tried a few options, but their pocketbook was snatched from them and they now despise home business and are gone for good.

Honesty is a hard thing to come by these days. You want to market your business or product, but do not promise something you cannot keep. You can offer what they may be able to accomplish, but do not feed them B.S. hopes for overnight riches. Anyone who is serious about online home businesses knows what I am talking about.

You want to excel with people? Stand up and give them what they need to know, not what they want to hear. Some may say, "Well you lose profits that way." No, being honest keeps you from being sued and blacklisted. Be upfront and climb out of the scams, the lies, and the flat-out B.S. that ruins the image of true home business.

Doug Gorman


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