10 Ways to Ensure Your Home Based Business Gets off to a Good Start

Getting your Home Based Business off to a good start may need a little

preparation and planning.

1. Do your research to see if your product is something that people want and


2. Don't waste your money advertising to people who aren't interested.

3. Start an ezine to keep your

customers interested.

4. Personalised your messages to ensure that they get read. If you include

the recipient's name in the subject line, they will know that the email is something

they signed up to and not spam.

5. Keep your website updated with relevant information.

6. Attract more subscribers to your ezine by giving them free information

and helpful tips and hints. Keep your ezine light hearted and chatty, and tell

your readers a little about yourself

7. Offer a bonus product. This can be a free ebook, software, online

services or other incentives such as a video or access to articles you have


8. Create an extra income stream by selling advertising space in your ezine

and on your home based business website. You can also add Google Adsense for

increased revenue

9. Be transparent. Have an "About me" page that gives a clear

indication of who you are and what you are about.

10. No new home based business is complete without a marketing strategy. Find

out where your target audience hang out. Check forums and social networking

sites and listen to what they have to say and what their needs are.

A legitimate work at home business such as this is the only way to go. There

are too many scams out there on the internet that are one night wonders. They

take your money and then they disappear never to be seen again. Setting your

plan for your own home based business is by far the safest way to earn a good living

on the internet.


Janet Matthews is an online marketer with a specific interest in natural nutrition and weight loss. She has been studying and working in the field of health for over 20 years and has passion for passing on advice regarding healthy eating habits

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