Learn How to Write a Press Release Correctly

Press releases are a tremendous way to bring credibility to your business and promote you as a leader. A press release is like a news story which you can submit to many websites on the Internet. If you write your press release correctly major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will show your release in their search results. For instance, if your keyword is your name or business opportunity, your release will show when someone types that keyword into a search engine. A press release promotes a specific event, such as a new business opportunity. There's some very specific steps on how to write an effective press release.

Step #1 Choose a Topic

A press release announces a specific event. It's important to remember this when choosing your topic.

If the topic includes an idea, opinion, or is informational then it would be considered an article, not a press release. If you write your release like an article, it will be rejected.

Release Ideas:

Launch of a Website

Launch of a Business

Step #2 Choose Keywords

Make a list of at least 5 keywords related to your topic.

Type in "free keyword tools" into any search engine and choose a keyword tool. Google has a good free one. Then type in your 5 keywords.

Choose the top 3 keywords with the highest number of search results from the keyword tool you used.

Choose 1 keyword to use for your release.

Step #3 Write Press Release

I. Create an outline for your release by answering the following questions.

What event am I announcing?

When did it happen?

Who was involved?

Why would someone be interested in reading this release?

Where should people go to find out more information?

II. Write 2-3 personal quotes in your release. These quotes are what you feel or think about this event. Add the quotes as if someone were interviewing you about the event.

III. Write your Release

Make sure it reads like a news release story written by someone else.

Use your keyword in the title of the release and no more than 4 times in the body.

IV. Review Your Release

It's important to proof-read your release before submitting it, since you won't be able to go back and make any changes once submitted.

Step #4 Distribute Release

Distribute your release to the recommended sites below.



Important Points

Press releases are most effective under 400 words.

Always use your personal business name in your release.

Use keyword once in the title and 3-4 times in the body.

Releases cannot be edited once submitted.

Submit your releases only once to each site.

If possible add a video into your press release.

Press releases are an excellent and affordable way to promote you and your business. It's important to follow each of these steps on how to write a press release correctly. If you follow these steps and write a quality release, you will reap the rewards for years to come.


Lucien Bechard is an internet marketing consultant that specializes in social network marketing strategies, seo, and personal branding techniques. If you're looking for specialized training on how to run a successful online business visit internet marketing training.

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