The Automatic Income Reducer (The Television)

Many conversations have occurred on the concentration factor

required to be successful in network marketing. Numerous articles have been

written and published on why people fail in network marketing. The net effect

of all of this attention is that this subject has been researched, dissected,

and preached about. Although many items

occur on the list of distractions, the largest culprit or automatic income

reducer appears to be somewhat unanimous and that is the television.

How the term, the automatic income reducer, was derived is

really not important and who ultimately coined the word is hard to distinguish

but it is an excellent term. What the term represents is one of the reasons

that people struggle in network marketing. This term presents an idea that

causes people not to concentrate on building their business because they are


So, is this term hype or is there really something with

sustenance here?

Depending on whom you discuss this topic with, many

different opinions surface. The best

discussion I have heard comes from Cedrick Harris of Team Takeover Marketing

Inc. His take on this topic is quite

interesting. He believes most of the people struggling in network marketing do

so because of a very simple calculation. In Cedrick’s opinion, people that have

a large number of televisions and / or very large televisions in their home

seem to struggle in network marketing.

In Cedrick’s opinion, many people with large televisions and

/ or a large quantity of televisions in their homes. Unfortunately, every hour

that a marketer spends in front of the television is an hour that they are

probably not spending on their marketing or their marketing education.

Presuming that the average marketer spends 2 hours per day watching television

works out to 56 hours per month or 672 hours per year. Imagine what could be added to a marketer’s

knowledge if those 672 hours were devoted to marketing training. The thought is mind boggling.

Cedrick has a unique point of view concerning televisions

and the struggling network marketer. He

believes that the total horizontal inches of televisions in the home should

equal the total horizontal inches of marketing training materials in the home.

For instance, if there are three 42 inch televisions, that would be 126 inches

of television. If the marketer would

have 126 inches of marketing material, that would be a quite large book

shelf. A quick walk through the house

would determine if, in fact, that book shelf existed. Very seldom will that

book shelf be found.

A different but similar fact seems to put validity into this

discussion. For years, research on

wealthy individuals has proven that these people, almost without exception,

have large reading libraries in their homes. It appears that the larger the

library, the wealthier the people seem to be. Here in lies the eternal “chicken

and egg” question, did they person become wealthy because they read many books or

did they read the books to become wealthy?

The answer seems rhetorical but the result is the same. Large numbers of books in a personal library USUALLY

equal large amounts of wealth.

So, according to some of the current theories, if you want

to be successful in network marketing, get rid of your televisions. OK, not all of them, but if you have a large

horizontal total of televisions, they are probably hurting your marketing. Decreasing the time in front of the

television will allow you to put more hours into your marketing and marketing

training, which will increase your marketing income.

So, turn off your automatic income reducer, the

television. Get the training material out of the pile and continue to increase

your marketing education. Your wallet will appreciate the extra padding.


Bill Palte is a financial representative and an expert online business builder /marketing coach. Bill helps people navigate the finncial world and he teaches entrepreneurs how to use the internet and marketing systems to generate their own leads and build their businesses FAST. Visit his blog at: http:/

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