What are the Best MLM Compensation Plans?

When deciding to get into an MLM company, there are a few

things to keep in mind. Do you have some

sort of passion or interest in the actual product? Is it something that is going to take you

months and a lot of money before you’re profitable? And of course what is the companies’

compensation plan? Below are just a few

things to keep in mind while looking at MLM Compensation Plans.


Upfront Money:

Does the company you’re thinking about offer you an opportunity to

become profitable as soon as possible?

What I mean by that is, are you going to be able to make some upfront

cash before all of your accumulated points, volume, etc kick in for your

residual income. This is something to

think about as you could very easily go broke before your residuals kick in

leaving you out of business before you really get started.



Downline Structure: What happens if you build a HUGE downline and

the next day one of your superstars decides he/she is moving to Tibet and

getting rid of all their Western possessions?

Are you going to be able to replace that income quickly, or are you

stuck having to start from scratch?



Volume: How

much volume and/or points are you going to have to accumulate before this thing

is truly profitable? Believe it or not,

there are some individuals who work like crazy and recruit, recruit, recruit only

to find that it still isn’t enough. Make

sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

This is HUGE when reviewing MLM Compensation Plans.




Do your points/volume rollover to the next pay period or are you going

to have to replicate what you did every single week, month, year? Being able to carry over points/volume makes

it much easier for you to stay in the Black.

Hopefully this has shed some light on what you should keep

in mind. Please don’t mistake this as

anything other than a business. If you

are not in the Black, you are losing money.

It truly is that simple. Do

yourself a favor when reviewing MLM Compensation Plans, make sure you’re always

able to make money right off the bat and that you aren’t going to be completely

wiped out if something happens to ONE member of your downline. There are many very profitable companies out

there. Pick one that works for you and

get Rockin’ and Rollin’!


Dave Greenlee has been an Entrepreneur for as long as anyone can remember. From selling Fire Balls candy out of his locker in Middle School to Buying and Selling Real Estate as an adult. Currently he owns and operates multiple successful businesses including Real Estate Investing and Online Marketing. He also makes time to do as much consulting as possible for new Entrepreneurs.  Some have even said he's a Jedi Knight!  Okay, so nobody said that, but he's pretty cool nonetheless.&nb...

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