How to Make the Most Out of Your Social Networking Marketing Video Vault

If you're a fan of YouTube, then you are certainly part of the social networking marketing video viewing community. Long description for someone who watches videos on the computer, yes, but it points to the combination of social networking marketing and the fact that video is a very vibrant part of the social scene. The use of action and more visuals is very important in today's internet mode because so much of what is posted online is plain text and photos. On social networking websites, when a company would like to do marketing, video can be very effective for the viewer who doesn't care to read tons of information about a product. In addition, some people just aren't very visual when they read descriptive words, so the words don't come alive as they would with a social marketing video .

Many social sites do not care to feature marketing of a particular product or service, but video that is connected to the service or product in some way, but that is not a blatant advertisement for something, could be very welcomed. Here's an example: A beverage company (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) would like to tell everyone that their drink is the best that can be found in the social networking scene, and without blatant marketing, can show a video of a couple or a family having a GREAT TIME together while drinking this beverage. In the summer, they are hanging out by the pool or on a beach, in the fall they are watching football, in the winter they are sitting by a fireplace or at the computer looking at fun videos and in spring they are at a baseball game. Of course, there should be a plot of some sort, with a beginning, middle and end, with some sort of problem or activity resolved, but it should not be about the drink, but the people shown on the video .

Your social networking marketing video can be posted on various blog sites, on a FaceBook or MySpace, or any of the specialized niche social networking websites. It's not too difficult to post the video, and most sites have excellent descriptions of how to do it.

Again, there are a number of social sites where marketing videos are not welcome, so if you're going to post a social networking marketing video, be sure to make it tasteful and not an obvious promotion of yourself or your company.


Neil Ashworth is the owner of Coffee Money Marketing LLC. He writes weird and wonderful article from his cave overlooking the mountains of West Cork, Ireland. Subscribe to the Coffee Money Newsletter

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