Is the Answer to Our Social Networking Needs More Marketing Software Or Niche Networking Sites?

The kind of people who can come up with social networking marketing software to help you build your business online are beyond me, I have to admit. We can thank them for unlocking all sorts of techniques and processes to be able to communicate with people from around the world via social networking sites. Combining an entire set of programs, procedures and related documentation associated with a system to develop social networking software for marketing purposes is an immense task and one which we can all benefit from.

The customers of software development typically know what they want as an end result, but not what the software should do in the process. What we have seen emerging in the past decade has been fresh, creative and dynamic, as individual social networking sites have offered their own uniqueness and demanded a range of software to aid the marketing process.

While Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are very popular and have a variety of software tools and appliances to assist you in your marketing efforts, LinkedIn and Plaxo and other more professional sites need a different type of tool to help you automate some of your tasks and make your daily interactions less time consuming. So now we can all run around making noise and adding friends, followers and acquaintances waiting for that illusive social media derived sale.

But here's the dilemma; how long can we go on adding thousands of friends on Facebook, tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and a few hundred more on MySpace losing track of who we know and where our business is going before we ask the question;

If the tool isn't meeting the market place maybe the market place should meet the tool. Here's the answer;

Individual social marketing sites developed for specific causes, interests and industry niche focuses. Sites for dog lovers, horse lovers and just barn animals are out there and to build your business effectively you need to start to use them. Social networking software has been built for job locating services, physician and dentistry and all types of sports as well as other niches prime for marketing activity.

Originally website developers, the people creating the social networking websites have seen an exponential growth in demand for marketing software in the past few years. It is certainly the way to promote, praise and bring forth a business, whether it is a long term brand or service, or something new. Social marketing software provides two way communications about something, and it looks like this type of online networking is here to stay.


Neil Ashworth is the owner of Coffee Money Marketing LLC. He writes weird and wonderful article from his cave overlooking the mountains of West Cork, Ireland. Subscribe to the Coffee Money Newsletter

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