The Day Randy (my name is Earl) Dug Our Lane

We live on a small narrow lane wide enough for just 1 car to get through at any one time. The lane is a dead end because after 6 more houses it simply stops at the railway track. You have no idea how much traffic just 6 measly houses creates. You know how it is these days everyone and the dog has a car each, then there are the kids and their friends....

Anyway, we privately joke that each house beyond ours has a trip wire and when anyone gets a visitor or delivery the alarm goes off in someone's house. Someone then has to jump into their car and demand to be let into or out of the lane and start parping indignantly to get by. I say this because it never fails to happen, every single time there is a delivery van come down the lane someone is desperate, and I mean desperate to come in or out. They parp away like they are on a mercy dash to the ER.

Today is extra funny though because the gas men are here and you know what that means ..... BIG holes with a digger blocking right across the lane. Now, it's not like we got no notice oh no, we all got a letter a couple of weeks ago. They have been slowly working their way along the main road around the corner for the last 10 days so we have been charting their progress towards us. But, who reads a letter from the gas company - not my neighbours it seems!

Ever since they arrived first thing this morning the poor men have been disturbed and harangued by my neighbours who appear to be too damn lazy to park their cars on the main road and walk the extra 100 metres. Ever polite and accommodating these poor workmen keep moving the digger to let the constant stream of traffic in and out.

They could have been done by now if people had just read the letter...

And do you know? The guy in the digger is a dead ringer for Randy in 'My Name Is Earl'. Scout will be fascinated by him when she gets in from school because it is her favourite program -she will say that the neighbours creating havoc as they are is creating a bad karma...(you need to watch the programme).

Anyway, the point of my rambling on here is my continuing astonishment at my fellow humans not to be thinking of the consequences of their actions towards other fellow beings. If they just let these guys (and the other delivery guys who come along) get on with the job they are here to do they can have it done far quicker. Instead they are just getting constant interruption, combined with impatience and rudeness.

As a race we are constantly looking for a quick solution and a short cut with the minimum effort required. We are impatient and want to get places faster than ever (even to work to 'jobs' that we hate) but, without wanting to encounter difficulties or obstacles. When we do encounter obstacles we do not try get around them with dignity and thought but with impatience and rudeness and even without human contact (just parping the horn).

Whatever life is doing to you right now (or I should say whatever you are attracting into your life right now) you/we have a choice how to react and how to interact. We can stay exactly as we are and if you are one of my neighbours then this means bad tempered and lazy, possibly blaming others. Or..... we can turn it around (no extra effort required) and say how can I approach this better to make it not only better for me but better for others too?

As entrepreneurs we are ultimately trying to make our own lives better and richer and we understand that in getting there the journey is far more worthwhile if we have had good company along the route.

We actually get to choose the route and we get to choose exactly how we get there and it does not need to be with impatience and rudeness and at the expense of being unpleasant to others.

So I invite you to join me on my journey, come along to my blog and connect with me there and sign up for my updates and bootcamp.

Please leave me some comments and tell me about your neighbours tooJ


Brigitte Mehr is an SEO Consultant & Managing Director of SEO In Leeds. Brigitte is an award winning Internet Marketing Consultant who specialises in Wealth Creation in todays economic climate.


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