Is Your Home Tele"Vision" More Important To You Than Your Business vision?

Is your home tele"vision" more important to you than your business vision?

Tough question isn't it? But guess what? if you are trying to build a successful home based business, you simply can not be a couch potato and sit all day watching soap operas and your favourite tv shows. Those kind of habits, do not produce results. They only defile our brain cells and thinking patterns by selling us on a vision that doesn't fulfil our passion and purpose in life.

Believe this or not, but most of what we see on tv today are negative media based influences that are trying to sell people a vision that may look good to the audience, however it's a trap to get people stuck in a comfort zone, having their eyes fixed on a screen to watch someone else's vision, idea or news (good or bad) and get sold on it. And those behind theses ideas are making millions of dollars from tv fanatics by sharing their vision or idea to the world to attract the attention of their target market.

Here is the $1000 question: why aren't we learning from this so we too could share our vision with those who need what we have?

Why don't you attract the attention and interest of those people who need what you have by helping them make money? Yes, there are people out there waiting for someone like you to bring value to them. But if you are a tv fanatic, how can you help someone else if you are not even helping yourself and expanding your own vision. We tend to easily settle into someone elses vision, instead of creating our own.

Imagine someone appearing on your screen and selling you on how fun and easy it would be for you to jump out of a bridge without a scratch on your body, when you by their latest "swing'n glide gadget", would you do it? Probably not! if you hate that idea or you are scared of heights. But guess what? thats what most young ones are doing today, simply because the media sold them on it. They made it look and sound good to jump over board a bridge and become a hero. Thats pathetic!

Listen, these creative, hard working visionaries are somewhere on a warm tropical beach, on their luxury yaucht sipping out of a coconut and enjoying their millions, while the majority of the population are centered in a comfort zone by the media. Those extra 2-3 hours a day we should invest in building our home based business, is invested on watching television and by the end of the night, nothing has been accomplished.

At home, I hardly watch television. You might be saying, that I must be crazy. Well, you can say what you like, but your answer to that doesn't bother me, because I am not just into that kind of stuff. I will not permit the world to sell me on their vision. I would rather do something creative, write in my journal, find ways to serve others better, build simple systems that others can benefit from and design my own life.

This keeps me focused on creating my home business vision and the difference I can make in the lifes of those who need what I have to offer.

What is the result of watching too much television?...

Look around you. 98% of the population are broke and unfulfilled. If that's not a reasonable answer, I don't know what else is. The uncommon difference between one who is making $10,000 a month, enjoying life, living out their dreams, moving towards their purpose and vision for the future and one who is just getting by and can hardly afford to live, let alone create a vision for themselves, is the uncommon difference in their habits.

Someone who is deadly serious about building a business, go after it with a 100% commitment, while those with less commitment, have the habit of watching too much tv as their way out for not growing their business.


Josephine is a home business developer and founder of Attitude Team Intl. who's aim is to help individuals take back control of their lives, start an cash flow business from home and break the 9 to 5 cycle.  She is also a guest blogger on several ...

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