Tim Schneider

Human Resources Author

Tim Schneider is the President and founder of Soaring Eagle Enterprises, Inc. His mission, as well as that of his company, has always been "Committed Only to Your Success." Over the past fifteen years, Mr. Schneider has become one of the most sought after speakers, instructors and professional facilitators in the nation. Renowned for both his style and the content of his messages, Tim delivers powerful messages about customer service, team work, leadership, communication and personal success. Stylistically, he brings an unparalleled enthusiasm, passion and power to his speaking and teaching which always infects his audience. His love of teaching and speaking becomes obvious within the first few minutes of each presentation. Equally obvious is his sense of humor and desire to make each session enjoyable and fun. You will also quickly see that Mr. Schneider never reads from a script and is very animated and in a constant state of motion while working. Read more at: www.soaringeagleent.com/schneider.htm





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